what has your day been like.

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  1. Today I woke at 700am. And I had to be at high school at 740am, so I got up and started watching TV for a while but then started getting dressed remembered I want to take a little bit of pot to smoke after school, so i grabbed my wallet. My wallet that has a special ziper and inside I put the lil pipe and some pot. My friend knocks on the door so I walked to school. I made it right when the bell rang. Later in physics I was informed that it was a minimum day.well I continued my day in the rest of my classes and since I am a senior I get out at 1030am. I left and know I'm at an alley smoking. So for its been a beautiful day.
    How has your day been so far
  2. + rep for the most thoughtful thread ever. lol
  3. My day has been long. I'm at work, 12th straight day. Think I'll have to be here tomorrow to. My brain hurts.
  4. Walked into Aeropastle, put in an application. Got my interview on tuesday. :) Great day for meee so far and its fridayyyy and I have tryouts tomorrow and ahhh I wish i had some green.
  5. Boring. It's my day off, so that at least is a plus. But so far, I woke up at like 8:45 and got dressed and stuff, then took my car in to get the oil changed, tires rotated, filters changed, etc. Got a ride home and sat watching TV with my sister for a bit, then I got a call saying there was some other work that needed to be done on my car, an additional $200 worth of work, so yay! - went to pick up my car at 12:30, came home and made some food, cleaned my bong and smoked a bowl. Now I'm sitting here debating whether or not I want to keep smoking or preserve my bud for a later date.
  6. Got up, got stressed out because I had an exam this morning. Finished exam, went to my friends house but he wasn't there so I just talked with his mom for like and hour. The went out in the beautiful sun and now I'm having a few bevvies then going to a rave.
  7. Got up, smoked a couple bowls, went to my criminal justice class about drugs, debated marijuana legalization, got Chipotle. I'd say it's been a good day.
  8. I went to school after getting up at 6AM, sat around there for 7 hours wasting my time because I don't take one serious class, and now I am home and have weed, but my new (and first) bowl didn't come so I can't smoke.
  9. Got up at 6 am went to the gym. Got home and my air force recruiter called saying he needs more paper work for some bullshit. Now im class learning about routing protocols. Boring day all around except for the gym.
  10. Woke up and started the day off with a shower and a visit to Hardee's. Went over to a friend's and played some RE5 for a few hours, now I'm home and trying to crank out a 5 page paper for a class that's due tonight. And my friends want me to party. And I do too, but I have homework. Damn you mandatory summer classes!
  11. My day has been pretty sweet. Woke up, watched some TV, Smoked a few bowls, got in a good BattleField 2 session. Smoked another bowl, Watched some TV, fucked around on the internet (what I'm doing now).

    Only gonna get better too. Gonna take my girl out to Dinner, go out drinking and hopefully be sober enough to get laid :)
  12. had to be at work at 6am...just got off
  13. lol im gunna rave with my friends too tonight im pretty sure you plan to roll b/c i know i am and i know someones thats gunna bring some acid and shrooms so i know im gunna get fucked up:hippie: this day is goin great so far i just had an omlet a really good one too:smoking:
  14. woke up around... did the same ol' thing i do.. went to school [Borrrring]
    got back from school [tired] Gonna go smoke in a bit [superhappy] :smoke:
  15. woke up, smoked


    noonish, go upstairs and smoke


    now, just got back from smoking..

    about to eat.
  16. Woke up at 730 went to dentist, didnt go to school, stayed at home and played ps3 all day and smoked about an eigth, Wish I didnt, way to burnt out and low on weed right now,
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    Woke up 6:30
    Went to school 7:20
    Got told by a teacher that i was going to miserably fail her class 8:30
    Hatched an insane plan to pass her class 8:45
    Fell asleap in her class 8:48
  18. well i woke up to the alarm clock got to school and finished my last final. then i stopped by my dealers house and picked up a quarter for 40. got home called up one of my boys and went fishing for a while. then we walked to his house on the way i smoked a nice bowl pack of high mids prob the best mids ive had. now im sitting on his couch talking to his mom she was kinda lookin at me funny but so far ive had a good day :smoke:
  19. My day has been pretty average so far. I was at work for most of the day, I work until four most weekdays. Bought 2 grams of some decent Mids from a friend of mine at work. I stopped in at the IGA for some Mountain Dew and chips, bought some beer too. Got home around five-five thirty, sat down in front of the teli. Drank a few beers. Called up a buddy but he's not home. I was gonna call my fiancee but then I remember she's in Mass for the weekend. I'm pretty bored actually. On the brighter side I'm going to Peterborough (thats in New Hampshire for all you flatlanders;)) for a Leo Kottke concert.
  20. accused of dealing drugs in school, then went out for coffee

    good day (hmm not)

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