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What has MJ done for you? (medically)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Knucks, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. Like the title asks, what has marijuana done for some of you?

    For me, the past couple weeks have been bad. I have some sort of stomach problem that makes me extremely nauseous and practically kills my appetite (The doctors still don't know what it is). If I didn't have any mj then I wouldn't be able to eat. I'd be a stick.

    So tell me your stories.
  2. whithout MJ im so down on myself and others an ass...and depressed...i snap too quick when i started smoking all that went away and im free to live live stress free and im able to cope alot more... + i talk more and im not as shy so ive got more friends ....but not here yet ive moved to a new town and cant find anyone who has any of the same intrests as me but i got my girl so we kick it just fine....oh yeah and she get horny when shes high so thats a way MJ helps my blue balls too heh.
  3. ooooh, where to begin?


    i started using cannabis occasionaly and recreationally, but i soon came to realise that it helped the back pains i was experiencing at the time. not to mention helped me better deal with depression and stress. I also suffer from asthma, and since using cannabis, i have never needed to use my inhalers (except for a few times once i stopped using cannabis for a few months). I also suffer from some pretty friggin horrific migraines at times. it is unbelievably amazing how quickly and effectively cannabis will combat and completely dispell a migraine. also, excema, which is related to both asthma and stress (and raynauds syndrome to some extent too) is kept in check with cannabis. never have i had a major outbreak of exema when i have cannabis. A little cannabis can calm me down when getting all anxious about some of my problems... the one that causes me most vexxation, is raynauds syndrome, which does get helpped out ALOT from cannabis. I've long been a sufferer of insomnia ever since childhood and worse when i hit my teens... cannabis is the ultimate remedy to no sleep. and to no eat. :D i'm a poor eater. my appetite is almost non existant. without really working hard at it, i'd probably eat nothing and die. praise the herb. it's saved my life on more than one occasion.

    so yeah... i cant really call myself a recreational toker anymore. sure i smoke it sometimes just to relax, and chill out with some friends... but primarily, i use cannabis because it makes all the pain, discomfort and stress more manageable.

    in short...

    Cannabis gives me back my quality of life.

    ps, hurrah for new sections.
  4. Pain reliever, anti-depressant, social tool, marijuana does it all.
  5. I was on anti-depressants for a few months before I had started smoking. A few weeks after I started I decided I didn't need or want the pills (I was the one that asked my parents to take me to a doctor, and to be put on some kind of pill) and I've been happy ever since.

    Because of those anti-deps. I had migrains at least once a week. These were the type where all I could do was lay in bed and hope for the best. I missed alot of school at the time (but made all my missed work up, one reason why the school didn't mind me being away so much). It would have been nice to smoke then. When I went off of the pills I didn't get any more migrains.

    Ramble ramble.
  6. meditatively speaking

    /extra/ good stuff helps focusing.
  7. I have scoliosis and it helps my back pain. I have trouble sleeping and pot helps. Heart disease and stress seems to run in my family, but I stress a whole lot less when I smoke, which helps in the long run for potential heart disease. It's a great social tool, too. I'm less shy when I smoke.
  8. hey wang.... have you considered showing your parents this kinda stuff?

    i mean... you're not smoking, so what can they do? are they gonna try to supress your freedom of speech and not let you talk to them about it? if so, then you can really go to work on them, dragging up human rights issues and the constitution etc.

    i think you should use your enforced dry times as a challenge. you've been challeneged to re-educate and convert your parents. go for it! :D
  9. I'm not sure if I'm up to that challenge. I've tried, but my parents are as closed minded as ever. If you knew my dad, you'd understand. He's never been one to give credit to anything I say. And it's not just things I say, it's anything that doesn't esplicitly match his views.
  10. I pretty much smoke just to get high, but recently, I got a cold, and decided to test out some of these claims that people make. Anyway, I had a pretty bad headache, a sore throat, stuffy nose, clogged head, cough, etc. So, I smoked a little (less than I would smoke normally), and waited a few minutes... Bam! Headache was gone, sore throat was gone, felt much less stuffy. I didn't even feel like I had a cold, I knew I was sick, but it didn't get me down. I can say that based on this little test, I am sold on the idea of medical MJ. I'm sure it is effective with many things, as well as safer, and has fewer side effects than many medical products easily available at the store.
  11. it helps with my neck back and knee pains.. It also helps alot with my migrain headaces..... It helps with stress that i' have everyday with running my buisness..

    With out it I'd probably have had much more illnesses than I do have!
  12. Honestly, it dosn't do much for my physical health(prob some minor negative side effects actually), but mentally it helps me relax/unwind/chill out. You know just helps me forget about stress. This can be a good and bad thing.
  13. I uses to have excema when i was younger, it actually stopped being really bad before i started smoking weed. But now ive never really noticed any excema come up. Weed definitly helps injuries no hurt, especially when u got bruises.
  14. Before marijuana i had a big problem with insomnia. Not anymore tho.. Also helps me with shoulder pains that ive had after dislocating it last year, never did heal right.
  15. Lets see... Well I'll first start here. My mom has this thing called manic depresive. She's alegic to all the anti depresients because it's a bunch of cemical shit in them. I don't know. I have manic depesive thing and it's a bitch. You can be happy and all of a sudden you just be sad as fuck. But I have learned ways to kind of "channel" it. But some times it's realy bad. Pot helps rid that for me. I think manic derpresive is caused by an extreme emotional experince when you are very little. At least that would explain me.

    I've got insomnia and often tend to not eat like at all. My weight hit a critacle point one time because of bumming and not eating. Puking up that nasty stumach acid- bile stuff. Then my cusin intriduced me to mary jane It was a lot better then. If I smoke a fair amount ( 2 maybe 3 joints) I can get to sleep pretty good. I've had insomnia since I was 12 a maybe 11 can't pin point it. And with pot I can fall asleep a lot more easy. sometimes it doesn't work but at least I can get my sleep at times.
  16. One of my best friends is manic depressive, and he had to take three pills a day. Now he only takes two because last time they checked his health they found the 3rd was damaging his kidney. And no matter how much I try to talk to him about the possible idea of him smoking, at least trying it once, he doesn't want to. Its just not him. And I respect him and all, but it just sint something i'd do. I have offered him some one time when he was chilling at my house and he turned it down. I just want him to know that it probably is better for him then all this chemicals, one of which was slowly killing him.
  17. helped my back out as well as depression and anxiety and insomnia..all temporarily ofcoarse, but indeed great

  18. manic depresive. It sure does suck ass. get your freind on here. It might change his mind.
  19. I used to use it to relieve menstrual cramps....not like that's a problem anymore. It also helps my headaches, as long as I smoke decent stuff, because schwag or crappy mids just makes the headache worse.
  20. schwag or crappy mids just makes the headache worse.

    mine too!
    if im smoking to relieve pain,muscle cramps or nausia i also have to get into the the good stash.
    *edit.....i also have one hell of a temper,hhm who woulda guessed?...even schwag helps with that. so a smoke a day keeps mommas anger away.

    oh i gotta go! an kill the child thats jumping on the bed with the new kitten.......
    maybe ill smoke a joint then put hr new kitten away intsead :D

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