What happens when the enemy get drones?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FriedFriend, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. i was watching the news and thought of that. then it would get interesting. scary prospect. but it will happen.

    will the CIA be targeted in their own homes? will you?

  2. Yea right. You have to have control of the airspace in order to do that. The drones are slow airplanes. It would be simple target practice for an Aegis class warship.
  3. Iran had one of our drones not too long ago. The middle east doesn't have the technology to utilize something like that. They also don't have the technology to roam around in our airspace without the U.S. knowing.
  4. i dont rly like the idea of drones at all

  5. for now

  6. America and the CIA's enemies do not need drones to attack the US. One man on the ground in the US can cause a lot of carnage and death without any drone.
    The simplest ways are often the most successful.
  7. when our enemies (usa) got drones, a lot of people died. im guessing thats whatll happen if your enemies get drones too
  8. LOL @ thinking the U.S. government is on your side.

    The enemy already has drones and kills innocent people everyday.
  9. The US has pretty much total control of the airspace in those areas. Have you ever seen a drone? The only thing that makes them unique is the guidance and control technology inside of them. The engines are really outdated. They have prop engines and next to no stealth technology installed.

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