What happens when a package is seized by customs?

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  1. So I have a package coming that includes some marijuana seeds sewn into a shirt. There are some random bits and bobs in it too. Apparently the guy has sent seeds to New Zealand (where I live) before using this method with no problem. I'm just wondering what happens when customs finds a package with illegal stuff in it. Do they just seize it or go to the senders address with police and arrest them? I really hope not. 

  2. You get a love letter from customs
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    I think you just get a letter from them saying it was seized. I did read a story where a guy actually tried to buy pot (like a pound or so) and they did an undercover sting and arrested him.. I guess because it was obvious from the smell of it what was inside. You should have nothing to worry about since it's just seeds.
  4. You done fucked up.

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  5. They take whatever is "questionable" to them, repackage the box with bright colored tape and a nice little letter saying your package contained an unknown substance and was seized blah blah blah and that's it. They don't trace it or report it. Yeah a pound of weed is one thing lol. Seeds are totally different. Absolute worse case scenario they throw your shit out n send you an empty box, but unlikely.
  6. Ok sweet thanks guys :)
  7. No problem. What strain did you get?
  8. Great thread really glad you questioned this.

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  9. Durban Poison from a guy living in South Africa where it originally comes from. I miss it a lot. Especially since it's a sativa and we seem to only get indica's in New Zealand. I have never grown a thing in my life. Gonna try find someone to grow it for me but dunno if I can trust anyone. Otherwise I'll try do it myself. However I probably won't be able to though, I live in an apartment and right next to the elevator on my floor so the smell will screw me over. Sigh. But hey he offered to send some seeds for free, I just pay the shipping cost which isnt much. So I would be silly not to do it. 
  10. Sadly never had Durban poison. I grow in the states so we can pretty much get our hands on sativa/indica pretty easily depending on what state you're in. I'd hold on to them until I figured out a perfect way. Grow them outside!
  11. Durban poison definitely on my to-grow list.
  12. Yeah no where outdoors to grow. That would be ideal though. The guy is also sending a manual over dropbox on exactly how to grow them. Says the method works every time and is easy to follow. So gonna hold thumbs. 
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    Yeah just don't expect to be true Durban Poison. I mean I hear it's still great, just not the stuff I would get in Durban, South Africa. Check out my thread in Stash Jar True Durban Poison if you'd like. Getting seeds from South Africa would be ideal. Hence my excitement for getting this package hehe. 
  14. I'll go look at it right now, and the first plant I ever grew was in high school in the back of an abandoned golf course in the neighborhood lol. In a pot in soil on the ground. Turned out well.
  15. Do it yourself rule one to growing no one other than you should know about it the more people in the loop means more mouths and more risk of being caught. A suggestion to cover smell, buy some activated charcoal sheets. Panel beaters use it for spray booths.

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  16. And I feel you on that when I get certain strains like that and they're always good, but you never really know the authenticity unless you get it like that. Very jealous actually lol. How many seeds if you don't mind me asking?
  17. I'll keep that in mind thanks. 
    I actually have no idea haha. 
  18. Before using the manual make sure you do your own research on growing first anyone can show one way of growing but it may not always be the best especially when u have to factor in where your growing.

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  19. Oh yeah I will be a good little researcher :D However his method would probably what is best for Durban Poison. Though Durban is a pretty hot sunny humid place. Wellington is cold and windy. No clue how the grow method would need to be altered to factor this in. Though since DP can grow indoors aright I guess the weather doesn't really matter. It prefers outdoors though. But seriously the wind here can be hectic, I wouldn't be surprised if I went there one day to find it blown away if I do grow some where outdoors. Hmmm so many decisions. 
  20. Cos of the climate difference your going to want to do a hydro setup that way you way have more control of your plants enviorment an be able to adjust it to suit the plant.

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