what happens to you when you stay inside too long?

Discussion in 'General' started by DDV, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. I get a massive headache.

    Lets say 3-4 days of not leaving the house. Do you get bored? Headaches? Go crazy?
  2. Bored and lonely. Last time I stayed indoors that long was in boot camp though
  3. After 3-4 days of not leaving the house? Holy shit. Time to analyze those priorities.

    I go stir-crazy after half-a-day. The house just feels confining and stuffy, and I get claustrophobic. I crave fresh air like water.

    I couldn't even guess what might happen after that. I've never been indoors that long.
  4. I stopped in my room for like 3 days straight once. But I had mad drugs.

  5. Pretty much what he said
  6. I agree with this statement.
  7. I was inside a hospital for 3 weeks once..definitely went a bit crazy..i try to het out at least once a day
  8. I feel like I'm wasting my time in the house doing nothing when I can be out doing something productive with my life. But then again I don't wanna get outta bed :p
  9. Video games, get high, get a game you'll like and you'll be good.
  10. Get depressed.
  11. This

    I havent seen sunlight/fresh air in like a week now

    But im a basement dwelling loser so meh haha

  12. hahah I know what you mean, I can go a few days without stepping outside and be fine. Although I'm still at home and socializing with people idk how I would feel if I was living on my own, might go a bit crazy.
  13. Yeah, I'm a vampire. Fuck sunlight.

  14. I hate being inside all day i like being out and seeing shit i get bored lonely and depressed if im inside to long
  15. Thats just reminded me of the vampire in blade they kill with a flashlight
  16. Lol im a skinny version of him haha
  17. bumpity bump
  18. I just get really depressed.

    I think the longest I've gone without spending any time outside was 48 hours, and that was because I had the flu. After those 2 days I had to get outside, despite still feeling like crap.
  19. walls start to melt
  20. Dam.. I dont think I've ever gone that long without stepping outside for latleast 5mins. I do have days where I don't go outside but unless it's super shitty out or I'm sick I like being outside.

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