What happened tonight after I got off work.

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  1. So I went over to a buddy's house snorted some. Than I went to his buddies house and picked up a couple zippers of nuggets. Whilst waiting in the car for my buddy to come back out of his buddies house. This truck flew past my car at like at least 80 mph, next thing I know I see 4 cop cars flying down this street after him. So my buddy runs out jumps in the car and we get the fuck out of there. Then on the highway, I say "Hey *****, there some lights behind us". It was the same truck flying past my car once again and flowed by the same 4 police cars. So we were freaked out and I'm glad I made it home safe and sound with my sack. :D
  2. So a police chase went past you.

    not something you see everyday... but plenty have seen either way :)
  3. Lol im guessing the crossed out word in your post was ni66a. lmfao

    "ni66a there some light behind us" lmfao
  4. [​IMG]

    it is the only word censored here on GC
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    But what about spick, *****, cracka', etc.
    Edit: A derogatory term for Asians is blocked
  6. he op that's pretty wild having a police chase passing by you twice....

    cause it can happen once but twice..woah
  7. good job contributing to the thread.......

    I once saw a guy trying to outrun one of those undercover cars, only to have another undercover car set off his sirens right in front of the guy. I thought it was pretty funny at the time
  8. ******

    I learn something new every day. :D
  9. Couple weeks ago I heard a car race past at like 100+ mph, then 2 seconds later like 5 police cars following.
    Next day i found out there was a high speed road chase and this dude was flying through three towns, at one point turned around and went back through the same three towns, then ended up crashing into one of the local highschools and had to get med. evac out of there lol :D :hello:
    watching car chases are the shit, the cops always win though :(
  10. not always ;)

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