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What happened to me?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Twigs #420, May 26, 2010.

  1. Last Sunday me any my friends were smoking in a garage. We finished off three blunts and a few bong hits and we were about to roll one more blunt. Then out of no where i get light headed and my heart feels like it skipped a beat and started to beat rapidly. I instantly laid my head in my arms on the table. I was feeling bad as fuck, like I was having a heart attack. Then I closed my eyes and I went on a fucking trip. Out of my body. It was a bad trip too. So I picked my head back up and tried to just snap out of it, but It just kept happening. It was super hot (Texas heat, in the garage) so I thought I was just overheated. I got up and tried to go inside. I made it to the door and I collapsed. I hit the ground like I was shot. I passed out and tripped immensely for about 5 minutes until I came to. My friend helped me up and I laid on the couch for a few hours. I finally felt better then.

    I was just wondering if it was just caused by the heat? Dehydration? I hadn't eaten that day and it was already 4:00 in the afternoon.

    It was the worst thing I have ever felt, and being high as a kite didn't help...

    Could I of caused any sort of damage to myself?
  2. Probably a mild heat stroke or maybe just dehydration just caused you to pass out.

    Then due to the amount of weed you smoked you may have had some CEV (closed eye visuals) you can see shit when your eyes are closed. More pictures than actual moving, developing hallucinations.

    I'm no doctor though. :hide:

    edit. no if im right then you will have no damages once you cool down and get re-hydrated.
  3. if you don't drink or smoke, what were you doing at a bar with a pack of cigarettes??
  4. Hmm... sounds like a mild heat stroke. However, it could also be that you went overboard and got "the whites". I thought it was impossible until I got them saturday....

    Happy Toking!
  5. wait..wait...what..what the fuck...maybe im just being really slow today but is this some kind of euphemism or metaphor? yes it must be fuck im being slow.

    cos i mean obviously that wouldn't have anything to do with anything he said, breaks are good.. i feel 15..
  6. That was just a serious whitey, at least thats what it sounds like, I've seen some mad whiteys by first timers and even people that would smoke a bit, like collapsing, turning from white to green, puking, fits, the list goes on
  7. he means his sig man

    "I don't drink, smoke, or cuss, but I left my fucking cigarettes at the bar last night"

    i didnt get it either at first but im sober right now so i figured it out pretty quick haha

  8. ahahahah orite shit im drunk and high, best combination but im a bit slow.

  9. it's a joke, they're all contradictions :rolleyes:
    and to the OP, this has happened to me when i get very dehydrated or don't eat for a long time then smoke. When i give plasma and smoke right after this happens too, my vision slowly turns black and i come close to blacking out. My advice is to eat regularly especially before smoking, and be sure to keep hydrated.

  10. haha you missed out the 'why did you say fucking if you dont cuss'.
  11. haha it was a mild heatstroke! ive had a couple in my frens garage. Felt jus how u described. Ive had only one real heatsroke and it was 2 420 ago. i was wearing a hoodie in the hot sun. Blazed shit load of blunts sum chron bowls. Was walkin around and i got real light headed and all i saw was white.. My frens said it was scary lookin at me.. "you looked like a mindless zombie" i hadnt eaten all day as well. So, i fall to the grown re gain my vision and bouta puke. Sum lady brings me 2 water bottles and i felt perrfectly fine. But still was feeling wierd and hungry so i got a ride home. Ate. showerd. blazed more with my aunt =D great 420 in my opnion :D
  12. I would say it was a combination of things. Since you didnt eat you probably had a fair amount of insulin not being used, this makes people light headed and you can pass out. If you also didnt drink you were probably dehydrated, and your brain needed water. On top of that you smoked a lot and the combination of heat, hunger, dehydration, and thc caused your episode
  13. Sounds Harsh o_O

    Worst experience I've had while smoking weed wasn't that bad at all. I took a huge bong hit(bigger then normal) and immediately felt sick to my stomache and my eyes starting watering, also a headache. Only lasted about 5 minutes then i was all good :)
  14. It was a panic attack...same shit happened to word for word u just described what i did...its crazy as fizzzuck
  15. #15 Totah Sam, May 26, 2010
    Last edited: May 26, 2010
    That's a mild heat stroke mixed with Cannabis intoxication. Bad combination. Be glad the heat stroke was mild. Can you imagine vomiting while feeling that way? Now that would have been miserable.

    The only time you pass out from a panic attack is when you hyperventilate so much it causes oxygen deprivation. He wasn't hyperventilating.
  16. This. Learn from your mistakes.
  17. the same thing happened to me almost exactly except i was in my room smoking and right after taking another bong rip i stood up to put the bong away didnt even have a chance to exhale when my heart started racing i got light headed fell on the floor (as i fell i hit my head on the wall and a table) this is where mine is a little different than urs my body started convulsing kinda like a seisure i guess and then i passed out. only thing is i wasnt over heated at all in my cool air conditoned house and i had no one around so i was super scared when it happened. not to hijack ur thread but if anyone knows what happened please tell me

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