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What happened to me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JT103, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. So I made a firecracker last night, didn't kick in for about 2 hours, but by the time I was ready to go to bed (after about 4 hours) it started to hit me really hard.

    Started shaking all over the place, eventually progressed to being unable to control any of my limbs and literally was 100% numb. I kept trying to convince myself that I was just really really high, but at the same time was kind of freaking out about the fact that I couldn't feel anything, it felt like I was floating in my bed.

    I'm sure that's something I probably should have appreciated, but I kept bouncing back and forth between totally unable to feel anything, and constant shaking.

    Can't think of any reason why this would have happened though...I usually just smoke, and very rarely eat anything like that, so maybe I just wasn't used to it, but still, a reaction like that? I enjoyed it before I went to bed, but the end was just not enjoyable, felt like my body was freaking out. That can't be a good thing, right?

    Should I be worried, or is there something I could do differently next time?
  2. I can't explain that, but if you can get me one of those crackers I'll give you a cookie.
  3. Seeing as this is the "Apprentice Smokers" section of the forum, I have to ask...

    What exactly is a "firecracker"? Is it a joint?

    Thank you.
  4. A firecracker is kinda like a weed smore.
  5. I wish i had one of those
  6. congrats on being really high.

    i havent been that high since the first few times i smoked. except i had to walk back around the house to get inside in the dark 30 degree weather without waking up parents
  7. It's a Ritz cracker with peanut butter that has extracted THC from marijuana in it.
  8. prolly laced with somthing lol....or if its one of your 1st times smoking then your prolly just really really high

  9. Not laced, and its not even close to my first few times smoking, that's why I'm a little concerned.
  10. if you are a new smoker, you should probably hold off on edibles and just get used to high of smoking weed...then you'll know what to expect lol :smoking:

  11. Like I said, I've been high hundreds of times before...however, prior to this I only had had three brownies, in terms of edibles.

    The high before I went to bed was very similar to the brownie high, but then after that I had never experienced before.
  12. Lol sounds like the cracker fucked you up. Should try it again.
  13. Even for people who smoke a lot, edibles can hit you fucking hard.

    I'm always careful with them, because that is what will happen if you take too much. ;)

    I've had friends who actually almost considered going to the hospital, they were so fucked up. And I'm talkin' people who have been smoking daily for years and have used edibles before as well. :p

    You were just way too high, my friend. :wave:
  14. This happened to me once :p
    Did you fall asleep at all? There's this thing called sleep paralysis, a lot of people have had it. It's when you wake up and can't move at all.
    You were really fucking high too.. I can remember having some crazy nights the first few times I smoked weed before sleeping. Now I get crazy nights when I stop smoking.

  15. That sounds about right...I was worried I wouldn't make it right, I guess I did...:rolleyes:

    I always smoke, but I've been pretty sick lately (I wonder if that was at all related, probably not though) so I decided to just make something.

    I was strongly considering calling an ambulance, but decided that since weed has caused 0 deaths, if I were to die, I'd at least be in the news.
  16. Sounds like those firecrackers grabbed you by the boo-boo. I had a buddy who smoked daily for about 2 years and I gave him one firecracker that had high mids in it and it completely destroyed him. He was paulsied on the couch for 3+ hours. You have to be careful with edibles bro. Even the shittiest of Green can wreck you when baked.

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