What happened to me!?!?!

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  1. Last night me and two buddies bought an oz of reggie and rolled up like 15 rillos an smoked them. what all happened that night doesn't really matter... just hopped around a few houses that friends we're chilling at until the last one we stoped at the cops came. One of my friends left before then, so me and my other friend took my truck back to his house @ 3am ish and went after some food :hello: :smoking:

    I'm about to microwave some frozen sausage egg and cheese biscuts, i set the timer for 35 sec and suddenly everything started to go black like I was just passing out. I fell to the floor and i kinda remember shaking real violently and kicking the back of my feet on his kitchen floor, i knocked over the trash can and rolled into the fridge a few times. and when it was all over which seemed like 30 sec to me, i opened my eyes and the room wasnt making any sense to me. For few seconds i didn't know where i was even though i was looking at the kitchen, it was like i'd never been there before...I didn't know who I was or anything...i had a cold sweat all over... It was just like a scary movie where someone wakes up with no memory of anything....I was pretty fucking scared until It all came back to me seconds later and I sat in a chair for like 5 min wondering wtf happeend before my buddy came back in the kitchen laughing because he thought I fell asleep sitting in the chair waiting on my food...

    I've never had a siezure before or any wacked out things like this happen to me... and i wasnt under the influence of any drugs other then some shitty pot.
  2. You should probably be checked for epilepsy, I know a friend of mine has a certain type of epilepsy and his doctor specifically told him not to smoke marijuana. I wouldn't even have the slightest idea why weed would trigger a seizure though.
  3. Might have been you had the munchies so bad you had no food in you and your body started to like shit down cause of that haha idk..
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    no way!!!!!!!!!!!! man im kinda scared I just want to pretend it never happened.... this all could of been avoided if i would of went to sleep instead of eating first...:eek: i dont know what i would do if a doc told me i couldnt smoke.....

    ***edit... found some more stuff out, alot of different things can cause a seizure and most of the time docs will wait to see if another one occurs... me too...
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    Some kid I knew in high school ate a brownie during school and had a seizure a few periods later. People said he was acting really paranoid and then he just collapsed in the middle of PE.

    Id like to add that said kid had had a seizures before this incident, but he believed it was the weed(or the stress brought on by paranoia) that caused it.
  6. I had that happen to me. A friend was pushing against my chest while i was holding my breath and i passed out. I woke up and nothing made sense like you said. Can't place a word out. Then you come back to earth.

    i wonder how many of my brain cells died...
  7. Yeah bro, I'd get that checked out. I wouldn't smoke till you know everything is aye ok.

    Keep it safe man.
  8. That scares me lol because I'm sometimes I get a really paranoid high. But maybe I'm a worrier.
  9. Damn...I had a dude at my house who was coming down of coke i was like shit....he collapsed and i was like omfg!!! I ran over there he had a pulse and was breathing and everything so i had him lay down in the guest room he was fine a couple hours later.
  10. Yeah dude you might be epileptic,

    that's some excorsism(sp?) of emily rose shit right there
  11. That's a seizure. Got to a doctor asap and tell them what happened.
  12. you know what i think might have happened to you cause if done it several occasions even when im not high.. ill just be sittin around forever not moving layin down some times and then all of a sudden ill be cravin some food so i jump up then i walk serious for maybe 20 seconds then i like fall to the floor and twitch its like that california headrush thing cause all of a sudden blood just rushes through my body.. but this only happens if i serioulsy sit around for an hour or longer not moving
  13. no dude, i think that what happened to you is the same thing that happens when you make yourself faint. you get so relaxed and you are not breathing right or breathing too much, if you were sitting before this and stood up fairly fast the oxygen rushed to your brain and made you faint. one time i was out of weed so i smoked some resin i took a hit and held it in as long as i could, then i got up from the chair and went to my room to put the pipe away. i got to my room and the next thing i remember is getting up from the floor with a good gash on my forehead, i guess i passed out and fell. the closet door and my forehead met and got into an argument LOL. when i woke up the pipe was still in my hand i i was like WTF did just happen...

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