what happened to me (bud pics too)

Discussion in 'General' started by mxtoker, May 6, 2006.

  1. will haven't posted till 4/19 heres why, will i get 1/2 of some bomb ass bud and i roll 2 4g blunts for my buds on 4/20 will anyway i forgot that 4/20 for me is the unluckyiest day for me every year some thing bad happens last 4/20 i was busted w/ herb by a 5-0 and got my car impounded :( really sucks. so this year my dad tills me to go to my bros new house to help him move in i said ok since im not doing any thing in the moring so i figuer id help my bro out for a few hours. Thats not how it went, i end up telling my dad off after he trys to force me to stay all day by telling the tile guy that i would help him if he hooked up with a discount. when i hear of this i was like "WTF! im not staying for that long i had plans" and all of sudden he says "I don't give a fuck or shit what u have to do!" i was like whoa that was out of the blue so i get in my car and leave i call my dad and he said "u better get ur ass back here NOW!" and i said "when u have enuff respect to talk to me like a person then ill have enuff respect to do as u say" and i hang up. after that i went to chill w/ some friends so i whip out this fat blunt, but as i whip it out it breaks and ends up in the cracks of my buds car seat "FUCK!!! 4gs down the shitter!!!!!" so i get the other one lit it and blaze. my gardners park next to me (parked outside of my house) and see me i offer them a few hits they take em and get back to work which was one cool thing i did on 420 but that was it but then my mom comes out and starts to cry because my dad called her and said some BS about me which at that point we start to yell at each other and as soon as it ends my work calls me and says im fired...FIRED, FUCK! 4/20 was a total let down and i had no job thats how 420 went for me but the next day my older bro calls my and wants me to be a repair guy for his company i said yes now i make 10$ an hour + commison on every windshild i fix so it was preatty good for me. the next week my best friend gets rolled and sent to rehab. he called me and said it sucks cuase every one there is a meth addict or crack head and he is the only one there for weed which he gets made fun of for, as for me im going on a lil break after this weekend because its my b-day today (19) and i wanna smoke a b day blunt lol. heres some pics of some ganja i picked up from a new connect last week here they are




  2. "I don't give a fuck or shit what u have to do!"

    haha god damn that's funny. sorry about your shitty day man.

    p.s. ur bud looks yummy
  3. damn, sucks that 420 doesnt like you

    nice buds none the less.
  4. that sucks bro, karma will have its way though. so 4gs you just threw away? you didn't try to pick all the nugs up? I would have pickin every bit of it up haha
  5. aw man that sucks so bad bro.
  6. Coulda been worse bro, Fer real, Coulda been alot worse. But im sure it still blowed.

    Nice herb.

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