what happened last night

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  1. sorry long read.

    o it starts off im talking to this chick i go to school with on facebook 4 am. turns out she drunk and dtf. I get to her house at like 5:30 am high as fuck and smoking luke 3 cigs. we drive a lil bit down the road and take care of some stuff in a farmers field on the hood lmao. Im such a freaking redneck smh. So yea now its 7:20 and im in bed hiding from my parents.
    Moral of the story: never screw a drunk chick when your high it was awful.

    And i never reach orgasm it takes too long! The girls always finish like 2 or 3 times.
  2. I'm suprised the hood of a civic can handle that kind of an activity
  3. Man that girl sucked at sex though for real. idk if its cause she was drunk or what but shit it wasnt that great. i remember everything that happened last night but damn whyd i do it lmao. crap im an idiot.
  4. so you got laid for the first time?

    (note to self: make "we got a champ over here".meme)

  5. naw first time i have no regrets and i was sober. i still love that girl and she likes me but she has a bf. hopeing theyll break up and she gets back with me lol.

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