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what happened here?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by l4m3.u53rn4me, May 27, 2009.

  1. this morning after 3 days of not smoking (not saying that's a ton or anything, just giving backround) i smoked two little bowls... so i guess about one.

    i had to walk to the bus stop, and once i got there i had to stand around a while to wait for it. a little before it got there i felt kinda dizzy and my vision was a little fogg.

    as soon as i got on i flat out couldn't see anything. it was pretty embarassing actually haha, cause i turned the wrong way and was kinda walking into something (don't know what) and stumbled to my seat.

    after a while of sitting my vision started to come back, but some things (like the street, sidewalk, sky, and some houses) merged into eachother and were grey-ish, and whatever i was looking at would be moving a little bit. i didn't really mind this part since it looked pretty cool, but the whole blindness part was weird as fuck and it freaked me out not being able to see and all

    i've been smoking pretty regularly (usually 1-3x daily, but a few days off here and there) for a few months, and nothing like this has happened before. any ideas as to what caused this, and how to avoid the whole vision loss thing? thanks
  2. That's why I'm gonna get a nice pair of sunglasses and wear them everywhere, even in my house. The damn lights are too bright all the damn time, I can't even see the computer screen half the time.
  3. PCP!!!! just kidding idk.
  4. it wasn't really bright though. the sun was shining outside, but not too bad. everything just kinda turned into a dark haze and when i got on the bus it got even darker and foggier to the point i couldn't see at all.

    hmm was it maybe from the change in lighting?

    hahaha nah i know it wasn't laced or anything, cause i've been smoking that same weed a little over a week now and nothing like that happened
  5. The exact same thing happened to my buddy.

    I guess it couldve been ultra weed?

    He said he had a fatty blunt, and after that, he couldnt see at all for like 5 minutes, and his other buddies had to piggie back him. He didnt see at all, and he said it was scary, but he eventually got it back and just shook it off.

    No idea what it could've been, sorry.
  6. good to hear i'm not the only one!

    i'm glad i wasn't walking when it happened... i would've been fucked. i was alone, and since i saw this lady i babysit for when i was walking to the bus stop. if i hadn't recognized her due to lack of vision that would've been really awkward
  7. could it have been you were on the verge of passing out you said it was hot and you were waiting for the bus maybe you were on the verge of passing out blacking out and was lucky not too
    just a thought
  8. You might want to check into that, don't always blame the weed.

    You could actually have something lol.
  9. Most likely blood low pressure. Stepping up onto the buss might have caused a sudden drop in BP and because weed lowers bp, it would have gone below normal. You know when you're laying down for a while and you stand up fast, you're vision goes black for a few seconds.

    Had you eating a few hours before, and what? Might have been to do with blood sugar levels. Or dehydation?
  10. holy fuckin shit dude!! the exact same thing happened to me like 6 months ago, all my friends told me that iwas probably so high i just forgot to open my eyes, but i was sure that my vision just went fucked up. i smoked like a 1/8 blunt though it only happened that one time, but i havn't smoked in 1 and a half months and im abvout to blaze up thursday so who knows.
  11. the same happened to me i was smoking a couple bowls like normal one morning and started walking to the bathroom and then i started to black out for a couple minutes, it really tripped me out :eek:
  12. Could be a head rush from standing so long.
  13. kinda sounds like when i get up to fast i lose vision fall over some times
  14. In all honesty the bolded part sounds like you were about to pass out. I've passed out twice, once after smoking, and this is what happened both times, but I've also had other incidences where I came close to passing out but sitting down made my vision and stuff come back. Did your vision fade away, or did it just disappear? Did your dizziness get worse after this happened? I can't explain the rest though, lol.

    As for the causes of passing out... what this guy said:
  15. i guess it's good the bus came when it did so i could sit :) that would've been terrible to pass out on the side of the road haha

    nah i don't think so lol. nothing like that's ever happened except for when i was little and fainted at a ski lesson. i felt fine afterwards and feel fine now

    i hadn't eaten yet because i was on the way to a thing with a ton of free food :) that makes sense though, thanks

    haha nice, i hope that goes well

    my vision was pretty bright, like it looked like there was a lot of light coming off of things, and it was blurry, while i was waiting. when i got on it faded suddenly to just super dark fog. like it happened fast, but it was more like blending than it flashing to black. sounds weird, i don't know how else to put it though

    i was dizzy when it happened because i couldn't see. afterwards, while i was gaining back my sight, i felt a lot better overall. i might've just been appreciating the fact that i could see though haha

    thanks for the feedback everyone
  16. Open your eyes :smoking:

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