What happened damnit?!

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Reggin, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. I come on after a day and a half of not being on. AND PANDORA'S BOX IS GONE. Or maybe I just can't find it? I miss it. What happened? Somebody explain please. :wave:
  2. It's up in the Chill Out Zone, near music and humor.

    From what I gather, all posts about drugs other than Marijuana, are now supposed to be made there.
  3. I like that decision
  4. Yes, I moved it yesterday. :D Just to fuck with Reggin!!! :p
  5. Yup, and also Political Threads and Suicide Threads :D
  6. Low blow.

  7. Well, it should really be for anything that would be considered pretty controversial. I think it's fitting seeing as Pandora's Box has the following description:

    Discussion of various topics-- if you don't want to play with Pandora, don't come to the Box. Administration reserves the right to remove any threads and/or posts.
  8. Will gun threads be allowed in pandora's box? obviously not asking how to obtain firearms, but responsible adults discussing hunting and shooting for sport.

  9. No. Pandora's Box is not a place where the rules are suspended. Gun discussion will continue to be prohibited. Sorry, guys.

  10. I knew it. I just finished a bowl and scrolled immediately down and went, " Damn...I'm getting fucked with, aren't I"?

    Oh, and this is the first time GC has loaded for me in like 2 days. ? am I the only one with this problem.

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