What happend to Weedfest

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  1. Do you remember at the end of the movie Beefest, The screen showed Weedfest coming soon. What ever happend to that, Is it still in the making?
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    I heard its coming Summer 08'.
  3. ....i thought it was summer 08
  4. we still have about a month of summer left.
  5. well i'm sure if it was being released this month we would have already seen previews. I don't think it's happening anytime soon, if at all. I'd be pissed tho if it never happened...
  6. At first I thought it was a joke.
  7. Yeah I read up on it a lil bit. This is what someone said on a site i was looking up
    This is only some facts not all of them is true:

    Their upcoming projects include "Slammin Salmon" to be released later this year, "The Baby Makers" which is gearing up for production soon, and hopefully the long-promised "Super Troopers 2" about the fathers of the first film's cops.

    As I checked this site out called Hip Forms :http://www.hipforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=303800

    People were talking about it being animated. But over all most people are saying pineapple express was the stoner movie for this year.
  8. accourding to IMDB (internet movie data base) "Weedfest" has not even been announced, let alone in production.

    i guess the writer/director is working on "Supertroopers 2" instead. (supertroopers and beerfest are made by the same writer/director).

    although whenever this movie comes out, if it does, ill be excited to see it. beerfest was funny imo.
  9. Yeah I agree I wont be dissapointed if Super Troopers 2 comes out.
  10. It's not jsut the same writer/director. It's the same entire comedy troupe (Broken Lizard).
  11. Soooo, what ever happened to this?
  12. An interview stated this:
    "Despite the statement at the end of Beerfest that Potfest is "coming soon", Broken Lizard intended this as a joke to get publicity. They have stated both that fans were very supportive of the title and that Broken Lizard may decide to make an animated film of the same name."
  13. haha yea man i remember. but honestly i dont think that movie will come out...........i think it was just a joke unfortunately. but hey , it would still be awesome if it did come out.

  14. ....club dred was horrible, but their other movies were actually pretty decent. Youve gotta think though, theyre LOW BUDGET INDIE. Theyre not big film makers with tons of money for special effects and props and shit like that. Super Troopers, Beerfest, Watching the Detectives(FUCKING HILARIOUS! I whole heartedly recomend it.) and Puddle Cruisers were all pretty damn funny stoner flicks.
  15. Its almost the end of summer '09. Really, What did happen?
  16. I heard it was coming out in 2011.
  17. shenanigans:)
  18. never meant to be was a joke get over it will be plenty more weed movies
  19. dammit it would have been EPIC!

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