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What Happen 2 Blueberry!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by YungPurp, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. I been tryna find some for like 2 years I use to see it all the time now it seem like to just disappeared.
  2. My friend just got an ounce of that in San Francisco.
  3. ya i see it around omaha all the time, idk maybe its just bad luck? but then again i cant really look for one perticular strain and get it. i just take what the dealer gives me
  4. I mean I know u can easily get it in cali i'm in the south tho tennessee I use to see it all the time and it just stop I guess cause purp and kush tookover
  5. Nothing wrong with purp and kush bro.

  6. Qft...

    We blew kush before kush was in fashion.
  7. haha i just thought it was great, since i have some blueberry right now! Its a classic, itll never go away.:)
  8. i get blueberry in huntsville still
  9. you can order seeds and grow it
  10. Comes through the Northern VA area a few times a year.
  11. high grade seeds (google it) is a reliable seedbank that sells blueberry seeds. grow your own and you'll have all the blueberry bud you can stand. :)
  12. Bruh I'm in the hood I buy not grow I be in the studio working on this music all day huntsville aint that far from chatt tho I aint never seen none while I was down there
  13. mad blu in mass.
  14. that sucks dude, we got plenty of that over here

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