What Grinds your Gears?

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  1. What just pisses you off when you see/hear it? It can be about anything in the world.

    -People who post stupid stuff on facebook that no one cares about.
    -People who post like 9 status's a day.
    -People who brag about or constantly talk about the gym on facebook.
    -People who sit and rest on machines/benches at the gym when there are obviously people waiting.
    -People who feel the need to prove a point when drinking. I don't care if you can do more shots than me, you will feel like shit and I will stop when I feel good.

    go ahead and vent, guys
  2. -Most people
    -High school
  3. when someone says they "smoke mad blunts"
  4. people who are always like "dude i can't wait for summer. i am so fucking bored"
    it makes me just wanna hit them. it's like, enjoy now and enjoy summer when it comes too. just enjoy life in general
  5. - When the threads you are posting in aren't getting posted in by other people.
    - People who are disagreeable
    - People who tell things about you and your life they have no idea about online.
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    Flagrant ignorance and apathy--particularly amongst young adults (18-24). It's as if people make no effort to become informed about issues of any importance. For example, I find it completely unacceptable that I go to school with people who can't point out Tunisia or Egypt on a map, much less explain--even in basic terms--what is currently happening there.
  7. people who think it's cool to ignorantly broadcast on facebook that they're drunk byuy tlkalkinfg lkkkee thuissdss

  8. At my school the less you care the cooler you are, you can imagine how fun conversation is.
  9. I swear I just one of these yesterday....
  10. This is exactly what I mean--people wear their lack of awareness as a badge of honor. It's sad and disgusting.
  11. Things people do usually grind my gears the most, like:

    Being loud and noisey.

    Failing to mind your own business.

    Well truth be told, just existing can be enough to grind my gears, so disregard everything else I've said!:p
  12. People who need a cigarette every 15 minutes

    People who Mooch

    Stupid People

    bad drivers
  13. When people don't use common sense.
    When the bowl is so plugged you can suck it through and need a paper clip.
    People who have never smoked in there life and make a big deal of you smoking.
    People that judge without knowledge of a situation.
  14. - people who finger fuck my buds to the point you can see the tri-chromes (sp?) on their fingers
    - stupid people so, 97% of the U.S. population
    - people who chew with their mouth open

    My top 3 ;)

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