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What gets you more high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Painter3, May 15, 2010.

  1. what gets you more high? does a joint work better or a pipe? ive never smoked a joint, only from a pipe. does it just depend on the person?

  2. this....or meth
  3. You forgot blunts, which go at the very bottom below joints. The tobacco in the wrap interferes with the lung's ability to absorb cannabinoids, plus they tend to be large and fairly wasteful.
  4. thanks thats great. what about a hooka? where would that be placed on there or is that just kinda like a bong?
  5. Not quite as efficient as a bong because of the nature of how they are smoked but yeah they are up there a bit.

  6. probably right below pipe, correct me if i'm wrong
  7. joints get me the highest but thats because they have more weed in them. if i took all that weed and smoked it out of a bowl id probably be just as high.

    the only way i can think of that a joint is wasteful is because it freely burns and thats it. your still burning it just with papers instead of in a bowl. someone can argue against it but you really cant deny it either.

    i usually dont smoke vaporizers because i dont own one.

    id rather smoke a joint than out of my bong.

  8. wait what?
    this is news to me.

    and i think its only wasteful when you got someone telling stories and camping the entire time.
  9. It's wasteful even then because it's still burning in between each hit.
  10. Eh they are about as wasteful as large joints, but nicotine (which is in blunt wraps) is a vaso and brochio constrictor. It restricts bloodflow and lung capacity, whereas cannabinoids are vaso and broncio dialators, meaning they open up the bloodflow and airways.

    I'm not saying don't smoke blunts, but they are one of the most wasteful ways to smoke and also about the least healthy. As long as you are aware of that enjoy them all you want :) I personally do not like them.
  11. High quality/potent edibles can give me really crazy highs, other than that I love vaporizing.

  12. a pipe keeps rolling in between hits too...
  13. Not if you cap it ;)
  14. Never had a problem using my lighter to put out the flame in between hits.

  15. you know, that could be the reason why i dont get high from smoking spliffs. i can smoke a half gram joint and get ripped but if i were to mix that half gram with tobacco i normally dont get high.

    hey, you learn something new every day right?

  16. hah, i dont either but a lot of other people do.

    but i mean, i dont sit there with a joint in my hand and wait minutes between rips. its like take a hit, exhale, take a hit, hold it in longer while i ash, exhale then look at the joint for a second going damn thats good shit the repeat.

    i guess it is a little wasteful but i dont think it will get you any less higher than out of a pipe.
  17. That's most likely why, but hey what do I know, I'm just another grower dude :confused_2:
  18. Scientifically, the delivery method is more crude so it does technically get you less high.

    However, I've come to the conclusion that it's 90% psychological. I think that a persons preferred method is what will get them the highest.

    I feel like I get higher when I sit back with .3 or .4 in my little spoon and smoke it all to myself over the course of however long since I don't have to pass it to anybody else. Whereas I can smoke blunts/take shotguns, smoke joints, take massive bong rips and that all night and still be straight until I get home and load up my personal bowl.

  19. i was taught always to listen to your elders.

    no matter how crazy or high they are.
  20. Or, in this instance, BOTH :smoking: :laughing:

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