What gets you higher?

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  1. Smoking a bong w/ or w/o water?
  2. with water....? Mainly because the smoke is cooled off more so less coughing.
  3. I think you probably would get higher w/o water, its pointless to me though, I'd never try it...
  4. idk but i prefer with water
  5. the amount of THC removed by water is inconsequential.

    And to answer your question

    There have been times when I actially took a bong hit with no water in my bong.

    and the only difference was that my throat hurt.
  6. The only time I've ever smoked out of a bong without water in it was when I was so stoned I didn't notice for a few passes through the circle haha. I agree that the THC lost through the water is negligible in the long run, and water makes the hits less harsh so you can smoke longer, therefore get higher.
  7. definitely with water. even if most of the thc is lost it still gets you super baked.
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    That makes no sense, haha. :p

    THC is virtually insoluble in water, and the minute amount that you do lose in the water is made up for by you being able to take a much larger hit and hold the hit for a lot longer with the smoke having been cooled. :)
  9. You're pretty much just comparing a bowl to a bong. with and without water.
  10. i've hit a dry bong a few times. basically a steamroller that doesn't clear as fast-way harsher than with water
  11. Well, scientifically hitting a dry pipe will get you more THC than a bong with water.

    So I bet a dry bong will get you the same amount of THC as a dry pipe.

    See source: Cannabis - Drugs Forum
    Scroll down to "Routes of administration" and the info is there.

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