What game do you chill to while high?

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  1. When I trip, I play a lot of colorful games... Xbox Live Arcade games like Geometry Wars 2 and Powerup Forever. If I get bored of this stuff, I usually move on to Halo, but it bores me too.

    When I'm high, I'll play pretty much anything, but mostly CoD:WaW and Castle Crashers (I just play these games all the time).

    But a lot of the times, the more colorful, the better, lols.
  2. I like games that are really environmental and immersive. Fable 2 was good for a peaceful stroll through the forest... Left 4 Dead is awesome when baked (and my FPS skills somehow improve in direct proportion to how stoned I am, which is weird). I don't have it, but I would think something like Beautiful Katamari might be fun, too.
  3. Well of course it would.

    The story (a giant "god" that destroyed the universe, now you have to make stars out of all kinds of gathered shit), the gameplay, and the visuals all fit into "being high." Lol
  4. I found Oblivion to be entertaining while high especially if you use the PC version then you can mod it like crazy. It can turn out to be a whole new game with the right modifications.
  5. Left4Dead,
    but I never really chill during it,
    I'm constantly yelling at various shitty teammates to do certain things.

    "Don't shoot the car..
    Okay, guys, we're leaving him behind,
    he fucked up!"
  6. I liked oblivion while high, but it got boring. its all about DK64, one of the best games ever produced!!
  7. Ah donkey kong was my favorite game series but sadly I could not get DK64 because our 64 broke the day after it released. The only time I played was a demo in Toy's R Us. Great game stoned though any donkey kong game
  8. Omg...I loved DK64. Amazing amazing game. So much to do!

    As for games high....I've discovered my new ABSOLUTE favorite.

    Fallout 3. Straight up.
    Smoke a bowl and play that game. I forget it's just a game.

    Left 4 dead is also good. As is Fable 2.
    Prince of Persia is a really chill game to play high too, because it's really not hard, and it's beautiful.
  9. We're low tech around these parts.

    The wife and I enjoy POGO games. I am lord god and master of Monopoly World edition. High stakes pool, Texas holdem, Scrabble and a few others. We smoke up, and go on line, she has her lap top at the desk & I have my PC here at the workbench. Most nights one of out boys comes over with his lap top, we all st around smoking & playing games. We dig pogo boardgames because there isnt anything to pick up or fuck with when your done...lol
  10. When I'm high, I usually play Castle Crashers and UNO on Xbox Live. Everyone usually knows I'm high so then I get to listen to everyone tell me about how I'm ruining my life and need to quit being such a bad role model for all the little kids.

    psh, whatever bitch. :]

  11. That Uno game on live is amazing stoned.
    The music that plays...so relaxing.
  12. Lol. Well you are playing UNO. That usually attracts those kind of people.
  13. conkers bad fur day
  14. left 4 dead
  15. MMOs are so bloody epic when you're ripped.

  16. That's true. I used to get baked and play WoW, when I played WoW.
    It was awesome.
    Playing 60-70 in Outland (way back when it came out) was fucking epic.

  17. ha ha, true.
  18. i am addicted to counter strike source... it is simply a flawless fps. In fact, just got blowed off of some decent mids... i'm gonna go play now!!!:hello:
  19. - NBA Jam (old school, still love it)
    - FIFA 09 (360)
    - Call of Duty 4 & WaW (360)
    - Madden 09 (360)

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