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  1. Not hating on anything, just not for me. I have no desire to play with strangers. If there's an option where I won't have to, I'm more than happy to pick it up. Don't get it twisted man, I've been playing FO since the 90's. Personally I think they're flirting with disaster by fucking with the formula that's made it successful for 20 years and completely alienating the audience. But who knows, maybe the new audience will eat it up.
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    Lol I agree with you on that too I don't care to play with some random online people. They should have kept it the old way.

  3. Beth really screwed up with the Skyrim release

    they promised the fans it'll be online and with SP option

    that didn't go so well they didn't release their SP version (yet)

    double crossing 15m fans

    loosing that many fans in under 24h again will never be replaced

    pity playing catchup with Fallout

    is again closing the door once the monies left ..lol

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