What fictional character do you think you are most like?

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  1. I actually did the meyers briggs personality test and found that I share a personality type with the Doctor from Doctor Who, and I definitely see the relation! I thought it would be a cool to see who you think you are most like!
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    Online test says I am 90% similar to Sherlock Holmes! I love him.
    What Fictional Character Are You?
    His sense of humor is rather dry, though. Beside that I can agree I guess..
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    Mi padre, quién trajo mi familia a este paíz de los gringos!
  4. I got Luke Skywalker, and Sherlock second
  5. saul from breaking bad
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    fruitality I fucking love your avi
  7. I get told I'm a lot like Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones. I still have my hand and I haven't screwed my sister though. 
  8. i am a fictional character.

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  9. favorite character from that show. Better call Saul!
  10. Captain spalding from house of a thousand corpses and the devil's rejects ,because fuck yeah that's why.
  11. Brian Kinney
  12. Captain Planet

    from your mom
  13. Apparently I got TinTin
  14. Be the Daria to my Jane ♡
  15. I'm apparently Indiana Jones according to that test...

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