what exactly is the law regarding seeds?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by ugeman420, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. in the usa... if you wanna get more specific then the state of massachusetts, what is the law regarding marijuana seeds? there seem to be so many sites that sell them yet i was under the impression that seeds, like hemp, were illegal... or is hemp legal? thanks
  2. well as i'm not in the states don't take too much from this but i'm pretty sure seeds are ilegill in the states....in the U.K. it's legal to own and purchase seeds but it is ilegill to put them in soil....did you know that in the U.K. it used to be legal to grow grass up till 1979 or soething as long as the plant didn't flower...lol.....Peace out...Sid
  3. They are illegal, except for certain types of hemp that have been heated up and are to be used for bird feed.

    But, the postal system is so large that 99% of the seed shipments into the USA get through without detection.
  4. live viable seed is illegal in the usa

    dead cooked seed are ok..but does u squat.

    and u can buy weed seed in bird feed but its dead so ...

    and...are they really gonna bust someone that is getting 40 seeds? ... jeeze they arnt that hard up yet

    ive done it many a time and have yet to get ripped or hijacked. but just to be safe...i have someone else pick em up for me...a smoker but doesnt grow and gets a nice bud in the process
  5. lol, yea you never want them sent to the house your growing at!

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