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What exactly is a zong?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Alphå, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Title says it all. I tried a google but didnt find much
  2. a bent bong...they look like lightning bolts sometimes but it's a bong. cool stuff man.
  3. a zong is a brand of bong that is no longer in production because it was taken off the market by the feds. they have a "Z" shaped tube hence the name ZONG. they are awesome bongs. there are some other minor companies replicating to classic ZONG look, but originals are pretty rare. if u wana see a pic of my bluedot zong take a look through my gallery and ull find it.
  4. Thanks bro +rep for you.
  5. Pretty much knocked the real definition on the head. Zong = Zig zag bong.
  6. Maybe this can help
  7. Why would the feds take them off the market?
  8. Probably linked it to marijuana somehow - just like chong bongs.
  9. lol PROBABLY linked... hmmmm, thanx for the +rep
  10. You'd think that all the bongs on GRASScity would be "probably" related and taken off the market haha.
  11. The site is located out of a place where marijuana is legal. Thats why they cant shut it down.
  12. They're located in amsterdam. When it's in the US, it's a lot different.
  13. I have a Zong original from the company or w\e. It hits very good and is great for ice because they get caught in the zig-zags which you can fill all the way up with ice... good stuff:smoking:
  14. Ah point taken.
  15. I got a couple zong toy co. bongs they're excellent bongs imo

  16. i had one till a stoned friend of mine knocked it off the counter.

    A kinked bong is not a zong. A Zong is a Zong.
  17. Even though this is correct, it's a given to see a kinked (by kinked, you mean zig-zag?) bong and call it a zong. Viva la zongs!
  18. well yes. people like to refer to their kinked bongs as zongs, but you wouldnt go around with a GONG straight tube and call it a roor would you?
  19. Zong = Z-bong

    i just call any bong that's kinked a zong because it seems to fit perfectly. The kink almost always forms a 'Z'...

    so yeah. it just makes perfect sense. Plus it sounds cool. ZONG! :smoking:

    I mean sure, there was a company called Zong Toy Co. that got the whole "zong" thing kicked off. then it just started getting attributed to any glass z-kinked bong.
  20. Dude, that is the coolest looking thing ever. You are lucky to have something like that..That last picture is the coolest one lol. I'm sure I would have coughed my brains out if I took a hit that big.

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