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What drugs wont show up on urine test?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by neff, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. So I'm pretty much going to have to stay clean of any drugs that are on a court administered urine test. Does anyone know of information on what they test for?
  2. Psilocybin, LSD, Benzos, DMT, Mecalline

    they usually dont test for those
  3. Bro,

    Depends on the panel test they use and I think most places of employment other then military or Govt/state type jobs use a 5 panel which only detects:

    Amphetamines including Meth
    Opiates including Heroin
    Phencyclidine (PCP)

    They do have a specific amount of things like Opiates that you have to go above a certain fluid level before it would read a positive as Ive passed a few 5 panels being on Hydrocodone...

    Now they do have much higher level tests and your pain management doctor has such a high lvl test he can tell what you take and if you are taking it correctly as having that amount in your fluid etc...

  4. Bro,

    Now Im not 100 percent sure but some old friends of mine who work in that field say they alot of times use a 10 panel test... Now this is:

    Tricyclic Antidepressants

    Hope that helps...

  5. If you search up "designer drugs" on wiki. most of them dont even have drug tests developed from them especially the 2c family and DOB DOI DOM.

    These drugs were designed for tripping/experiencing.
  6. Here you go my friend; [really should have looked on erowid first]

    Erowid Drug Testing Vaults


    Erowid Drug Testing Vaults : The Basics

    With your situation you will most likely be tested with the SAMHSA-5 drug test, due to the fact all probation/court systems/ etc. use it.

  7. Anyone else notice how ironic it is that instead of now using a harmless drug, in order to catch a buzz the victim now turns to more dangerous drugs to beat a drug test?
  8. i think about that ALLL THE FUCKING TIME BRO!

  9. Woah, did you just put Benzo's in that list?

  10. after your first text it should only be a 5 panel, thc, coke, barbituates, benzos, and pcp.

    this is for the state of florida, but i assume all are the same.
  11. Bro,

    You of course can do what you like however you stated it was a "court" situation and I can promise you that I have just gotten off the phone with a person who works in the state of NC stated they use a stronger test then the 5 panel... Now I didnt want to make it look like I wanted to know what to avoid on the tests etc so I just left it at that... Yes they are friends however I dont want them to think Im doing something that they have to combat everyday etc....

    So by saying this... The most common drug test used period is the 5 panel basic test that I posted above... However based on what my friend stated to me I felt like it was a 10 panel or more....

    But hey what do I know Im just an older man who has a broken body and a warped mind!!!!

    Better to be safe then NOT....

  12. well i guess its diff state to state since bear and i both posted the 5 panels for our states and they are definitely different

  13. I actually was talking about this to my friend how this probation and not being able to smoke is most likely going to cause me to drink more alcohol, which i rarely do because I have my illegal alternative... and I could possibly even start smokin ciggarettes. Good job war on drugs!
  14. Reminds me of "REALLY", on the Weekend Update; SNL

  15. They would obviously not test for nicotine on a government drug test but they do in fact make nicotine drug tests for overprotective parents:D. Correct me if I'm wrong but I velieve mdma leaves your system quite quickly (considering your rolls dont have meth in them) and I dont think they test for ketamine.
  16. LSD

    Just to name a few

  17. MDMA is an amphetamine, it'll test positive. At least thats what wikipedia, erowid, and all the drug sties say. Although try it, see if you get by. I don't recommend that though.
  18. acid doesn't show up the only way to test for shrooms is if they check for food poisoning...x and coke come out pretty fast though like 2-3 days so i dont think you should worry too much

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