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what drugs have you taken and which one caused most damage

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, May 12, 2004.

  1. LSD, Mushrooms, Caffiene drinks, Cigs (Nicotine), Alcohol, E, ... and probably a couple others i'm forgetting.

    its close between tobacco and E for what has caused most damage. E has torn a few holes in my brain, damaged my memory and most probably my mental stability too. Tobacco has me well and truely hooked (i'll break free for good some day soon), has helped cause spinal injurys, increased asthma, caused mild "smokers legs" which doesnt seem mild when coupled with how bad it has made my raynauds. i've taken way more tobacco than E, due to addiction obviously. i'd have to say my number 1 damaging drug is...

    Tobacco and all the shit the tobacco companies get away with putting in it.

    E at least did provide something possitive. without it i would have never managed to share those moments i did with people, and have many of the best nights of my life.

  2. I've never done E. I wouldn't touch that shit. I've never gotten any negative side effects from lsd or shrooms. Well, any drug for that matter. Although, from the ones you've listed, I've gotten a hangover and threw up from alcohol and got some stomach infection from caffiene when i was younger.
  3. marijuana, booze, cigs, and acid

    the booze probably screwed me up the most
  4. Trees, shrooms, opium, alcohol, tobacco. I don't smoke tobacco regularly, by any means, but I've smoked ciggs before.

    I wouldn't say the mushrooms, weed, or opium affected me. I've been hungover and what not from alcohol, and I doubt I've smoked enough ciggs for the tobacco to real affect my health.

    All the junkfood I eat has probably had the worst effect on me. Not yet at least (woo motabilism!), but someday it will.
  5. Mushrooms and Nicotine

    Mushroom in a more mental way, but not necessarily a bad way, i just have a different aspect/outlook on life, and i respect things alot more

    I used to smoke cigs but i started to see affects, so i quit, and boy, it happens fast, i was coughing up black shit, and i would be totally out of breath after running short distances, i was scared/pist, and i overcame it all, im glad

    Edit: Remember people, list ALL the drugs you have ever done, lol, i almost forgot


    and thats all i can think of
  6. for me its alcohol......the tequila taught me a lesson.......
  7. smoking pot has definitely done something to my memory. I can't remember things like i used to anymore, it took me a few years of smoking to finally realize what i've been forgetting. It's just hard to explain, really.. but i know its screwed with somethign up there in my brain...
  8. Cigs, coffee, mj, booze. The only one I count as bad for me is cigs--35 or 40 years worth and been stopped about 20 yeaars. The bad news is it would be so easy to start right up again even though I know it would kill me fairly soon--my lungs and heart are so fucked up. I thinkall the damage came from cigs--many of those years were with unfiltered Pall Malls--until I became a Marlboro Man. (Not the Marlboro Man!) Another factor was pnumonia--bad for heart and lungs.
    As far as I'm concerned coffee, mj and booze were never big with me so I consider them good or at least only neutral factors. DON'T SMOKE CIGS!
  9. Cigs have been the worst by far of anything else..

    I am on two blood pressure pills a day.. A major contributor to Cholesterol, high blood pressure, Diabeties, and major heart and lung problems..

    I have ever used any other drugs but alcohol and caffine.. Both are not used much by me..
  10. Cigs killed me the most too, but I quit them 2 years ago last month so hopefully I can rehabilitate from that shit.

    Besides that; weed, alcohol, lsd, shrooms, nitrous, ghb, and opium havn't caused any problems so far.
  11. lemme see ive tryed

    E, Shrooms, opium, salvia, weed, caffiene, alcohol, nitrous, coke, meth, kava, dxm, and 5-meo-dmt

    the thing that caused the most damage i think its 5-meo-dmt... me and this girl bought 500mgs and smoked it between us in 3 days... it was rediculous my heart still hurts from that stupid bindge...
  12. weed, alc, dxm, mushrooms.

    alcohol so far, i crashed my car after drinking a 40 of OE. it was raining. physically i am tip-top and mentally sharp as ever, though!
  13. to many to name, if you really want to know though.... i think i've tryed to write them all out in past threads.... it would be easier to name the substances i haven't tryed....

    peyote (though if i could find some, it would be interesting, bearing that im ion sound mind & body when consumed)

    whats caused the most damage?

    physically, deffinitly cigeretts, they're naughty little bastards which im slowy breaking free from, i hope to be freee of tobacco by the end of the summer.

    Another physical damage, E a few years ago i used to be really into it, and snorting lots of pills chewed my nose up a little, im not proud of it, but hey everythings a life expiriance, you live, you learn, and you go from there.

    mentally, there was a 3 week period where i did dope, that is the worst drug in the world. It feels great when your doing it, but you can slowly feel it taking everything away from you. your money and your sense of being. Its the worst physical and mental fuck you can come across. Something i'll never touch again.... though i was only snorting it, i could see my life being sucked away from me... and withdrawl, im not gonna even touch that.

    blah !

    now a days, i've slowed down quite a bit, i'll drink once and a while, smoke my green an generally thats it. Unless there's a greater need to celebrate.

    Some people think, some of the drugs i've done is disgusting, i just look back on it as a life exp, though, take it as you will.
  14. i've done almost every drug except for crack, shrooms and the research chemicals (2c-i, 2c-b, DMT etc.) and the drug thats fucked me up the most permanently is........

    BENADRYL (diphenhydramine)

    haha seriously, i used to be real dumb about pill poppin and my speech still fucks up and slurs every so often....

    but other than that DXM has caused alot of heart/liver damage
  15. dxm, amt, 5meo-amt, shrooms, acid, ecstasy, weed, alcohol, cigs.. and lots of pain pills

    The one that caused the most damage was definitely amt but in a strange kind of way. I was severly addicted to it for a while at the end of last year. Probably about 100-150 trips in two months. That all came to a T when I got bitched out on the shit by a close friend and ended up having the worst trip i've ever had. It really broke me down and caused me lots of trouble with confidence and ambition. It was also a good life experience though in that she really opened my eyes towards what i was doing and influenced me quitting. I feel like a completely different person these days and I like myself for the first time for the first time in my life.

    I've been smoking cig's for about 5 years and I always feel out of shape. I plan on being done with them by the end of the summer.

  16. You say you have never done meth, what do you consider dope?

    Around here dope = meth, speed, crank... whatever you want to call it.
  17. Drugs i have tried.. hmm the list seems to be growing but i definately have my limits.

    Any opiate you can imagine..

    Uhhhh unfortunately im sure theres more but i dont remember.... haha.
  18. weed

    cigs suck ass and ive been off them for awhile.

  19. :D "dope" is weed over here.
  20. ^^^

    I doubt he meant weed. I'm assuming by dope he meant heroin.

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