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What does your smoke session consist of?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Its Ganj, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. For my typical smoke sessions during the night (cause that's when I smoke the most weed during the day) , I usually bring around 1 gram of herb, my gandalph pipe, my bong and also sometimes a joint. I like to smoke using multiple methods in one sitting. Also, if I want to be really medicated, sometimes before my sessions, about 1-2h before, I make firecrackers (weed crackers). I'm just curious as to what everyone does during their smoke sessions! Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. I take a fat dab out of my bubbler. Then hit my ecig for a bit. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. I light some good ol' nag champa, turn on some chill tunes and pack my Sherlock! :smoke:
  4. Sit in my car play some music with some good bass and smoke a blunt or 2 and just get lost in the music. Always make sure I got a drink with me to
  5. i keep all my stuff in the bathroom because the sink is there. and i spill my g bong a lot. then i just take 1 hit and im done for like an hour. i take really big hits and usually from a g bong. sometimes ill hit the bubbler or bong and sometimes ill hit the g bong. i dont smoke pipes often and i only smoke joints if im outside the house or i have a lot of weed to spare
  6. I just grab my stoner bag and head to my destination.The bag consists of, herb, papers, wick & lighter, bong, MFLB, grinder, my spoon pipe, and my handy dandy eye drops. Fits all in one nice case.Unless I'm staying at home...then ill usually roll a joint and put a bowl in the bong. Sip on the jay, shot on the bong. LolSent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. Mine usually consist of sticking my hand in my couch and trying to feel around for my pipe, weed jar, and lighter then i go out on my balcony and smoke a bowl or three depending on who's over.
  8. All my shit is in my backpack, my steamroller, my bowls, my lighter, my hemp wick, my papers, cigarillos and a Dutch or two, my eye drops, and some cologne and gum ( for on my way home) I just light a joint and cruise around. Maybe find some friends to burn with and just enjoy the high
  9. Bring my pipe or bong in the bathroom with me along with my bud and 2 lighters and a drink. Sometimes a candle to help mask the smell even more than the shower and vent fan.
  10. my good friend and i usually meet up at her house smoke a bowl then cruise and look at big ass houses. pull in a gas station get some munchies and drink then smoke and cruise a little more.
  11. bong and orange juice
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    Depends, for a wake n bake I always smoke a joint (usually rolled the night before and just thrown back into my jar)If its mid day then I hit my mflb on my lunch breakThen when I get home from work, I pull out the bong and a few blunts...Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  13. My smoke session consist of me taking a shit. Sometimes.
  14. start by packing the top chamber of my sharpstone full, then i pack up my medicali slyme beaker x grav labs ashcatcher, throw on some old school rap and chillllllllllllllll
  15. Doobie-Bong-Doobie-Bong
  16. orange juice is proven to kill your high
  17. depends on how medicated i want to get. if i had a rough day i will bust out one of the oil rigs, usually the goldstein, and dab the night away. if i just want to relax, i'll grab a bong or two and load personals because i love that fresh green hit everytime and hate getting passed ass.
  18. Use to turn on tunes when I came home from work, pack a bowl open the window and smoke the whole bowl. Then just listen to tunes and browse the interwebs.
    then i disprove it every night
  20. 3 or 4 small dabs in my bubbler couple times a day

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