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what does your member name mean?

Discussion in 'General' started by dagreennitelite, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. what does your name mean?

    (mine started out as a joke but i was too lazy to change it)
  2. In the magazine Cannabis Culture, there was an article/cartoon on how to roll a joint written by the Hempress....I thought that name was so cool!

    "So remember, if you're going to do it HardCore!"
  3. mine: i wanted the word green incorporated into the name
    and plus the green lantern seemed funny at the time cause i was high
  4. Ubik: An book by P.K.Dick, very strange and it seems that ubik is everywhere, not a person but an overall material. I thought it was great how something so unimportant was still so tightly involved trough the whole stroy. I am pretty sure that ubik means in some way LSD 'cos it's noted everytime it's mentioned in the book that it is "harmles when used by the instructions", but it still allways reveals another clue or gives someinformation about the lost chief they're looking for...dope.
  5. skedastik comes from heteroskedasticity

    i was an econ /comp sci major... i was planning on being an econometrician although now i am a net admin
  6. my name is just something i came up with really fast when they asked me to make up a name, so I did... and it what I like to do, smoke, and toke!!!! :)
  7. a moogle is the greatest game creature ever from secret of mana and kexin is a variation of kevin, my name
  8. uhhh...hell i don't know. i guess i stuuf buds into what ever device i am using at the time. but more along the lines of smokin&tokin. i just needed a name, unfortunately i couldn't come up with a good one.
  9. i didn't know moogles were in the secret of mana. I thought they were exclusive to the FF series. I think it was FF3 that introduced them, but I'm not sure. It gets hard to remember which game is which with the difference between the american and jap numbers for the series.

    My name started as a joke freshman year in high school. I have a friend that we call "Douche" because of his last name Dudzik-Gacki. Both his parents had Polish last names and decided to hyphenate them. Why? I dunno, but it's hard as fuck to pronounce if you don't actually know how it's said. Anyways, freshman year Douche wore a button to school that said "Superior Wang." Everyone got a kick out of that. My friend Jimmy decided that since there was a superior wang, naturally there must be an inferior wang. Since I looked kinda like Douche at the time and he was superior I got screwed and people ended up calling me Inferior Wang which was later shortened to Inferior for laziness purposes. I tried so hard to fight the name at first. Being a freshman I had insecurities about my penis size. Eventually I realized how humorous and unique the name really was and started using it in Quake 2 and Diablo. People always got a kick out of it so I kept it. The one bad thing about the name is when people get pissed and try to flame you they try to tell me that I have a small penis simply because of my name. If I was still insecure about the length of my penis would I really be using a name that would tell people I have a small penis? No, I'd use something lie BigAssPenis. I mean, come on. Some people are so stupid. I guess I kinda got off the subject there and into a rant, but the story is in there somewhere.
  10. I came by and put in an alternate version of 'crazyhair' which I'd been using for a while in various places

    originally though the name crazy hair came from this old black guy that I work with, one day he walked up and said 'hey there crazy hair'. My hair is a bit crazy and I liked it so I kept it.
  11. mine started as a nickname in high school. I like it so i use it for just about everything.:)
  12. My favorite character in Legend. Plus, it sounds real cool.
  13. mine came from the movie Half Baked.

    they had a bong named Billy Bong Thorton

    but im sure you all knew that.

    they also had a pipe named Wesley Pipes, and we have a member here by that name too..
  14. mine sucks thats all i have to say, i was gonna make up a new one.... but fuck that im not givin up my 200 somthign posts!

    edit - HOLY CRAP! almost 400! didn't think it was even close to that

  15. Have you ever heard the song white rabbit by Jefferson airplane? Its pretty good. I thought thats where it came from.

    Well, i'm a pyro and I graduate in 2005, so it kind of made sense.

  16. it was a hookah in half baked.

    an Gravy was an old nic name of mine, idk... kinda just stuck.....
  17. i chose the name Aurora because of it's reference to the strain of weed "Northern Lights". the actual phenomenon that happens in the sky is called Aurora Borealis or more commonly, "the Northern Lights". well at least i think thats right. eh...none the less i think it's a pretty decent name.
  18. From back in tha'day when you can get a Captain Crunch whistle and "blow blue" tones through the phone to hack into telephone trunklines and become like lawnmower man of the phone system The frequency the whistle made was 2600hz, TooSicKsZeRoZeRo, after a while i shortened it cause i got tired of typing in a big longass username, so it became TooSicKs.

    My name has so many different possible meanings tho, and on the trials biking boards peeps think it's cause i ride a stock (26" wheel) bike and do stuff that's too sick haha.

    I also used to mix as DJ26 and use jus the number sometimes, ya know what's funny, is everywhere you look the number 26 is around, it's a common generic number for em to use on tv n stuff when they need a racing number on a car or an address i see it everywhere

    Oh, and before that i used to go by "LifE in Tha FisHbOwl mAkeS thA woRlD lOoK FuNkY" but it was too long to use anywhere, so i used to hack chat sites so i can use names up to 256 characters and images but i found it was just easier to use a shorter name than keep writing new code every time they figured out what i did.


  19. i just checked online and so they did !!! still secret of mana is better so i will stick with that
  20. the cool wise monk in 'Monkey'. how nice it w ould be to be like that .
    also it sounds trippy. sometimes i call my cat tripitaka
    sometimes i do't

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