What Does Your High Feel Like?

Discussion in 'General' started by mikegunior7, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. I'm relatively new to weed and every time i smoke i feel new things that are unexplainable. So fam please share your experiences.

  2. My body feels really tingly and good. My mind is opened up to things I normally don't think about sober
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    Didn't know google was down.. But my high keeps me from getting mad, and I'm relaxed and happy and I live in the present, not the future. I love being baked. I'm also pretty baked.  :bongin:
  4. It's like my entire body has a sigh of relief.
    All of a sudden my body is at peace.

    My mind is also relaxed but quite stimulated.
    Like euphoric and creative.
  5. I just feel generally happy. I'll get either really happy and calm thoughts or sometimes the occasional anxiety. I've been smoking everyday for like three years so I don't bug out from anxiety anymore like I used to, thank God. Still happens though. 

    Things sound funnier and I always think very deeply. Epic things become twice as epic. Driving becomes fun. Thinking is amazing. 
  6. Body: Feels numb, kind of tingly. Like I could do anything and not get hurt.
    Mind: Euphoric. I think about things I would never think about sober. I go into more detail in my thoughts than I usually would. I over-analyze things. I feel more free, relaxed, at ease with the world.
    Overall: I feel good lol
  7. its Like my Mind is masturbating
  8. depends on the herb.
  9. Very body buzzy, want to laugh at shit.
  10. Inidca: feel like a new born baby who cant hold my head up.

    Sativa: feel like im sick and start having a panic attack

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  11. This man! Youll be like this for a while. And everytime you get a new strain you'll feel it again.
  12. Like im floating above sober people

    -Stayupp g


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