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What does weed do for you?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by FoorestGump, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. So yesterday I took a big rip from my bong and coughed to the point I puked up some of my breakfast. My mom came in shortly later and asked what happened. I told her I took a fat rip and started coughing and threw up. Then she asked why I smoke, I told her that I has many benefits for me increasing my creativity,makes me think deeper, music sounds better and everything is layered and I feel good plus it could potentially help with my seizures.she tells me it kills brain cells and im like nope, no more than holding my breath. Shit i know i kill more cells smoking cigs than weed.
    She's worried that I could choke one day and die.I'm like mom, how longs it take to die from choking? A minute or two? IF it happens I'll prolly be able to get help by then.
    Its stupid to sit and argue with her I've told her many times its not harming me in any way and that she doesn't have to worry. But she still thinks I'm addicted to it and it's hurting me.
    So what do u blades think?
    I really just wanted to vent and find some proof on what I said

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