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What does this sound like?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PnP420, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I just smoked some ok weed and I'm stupid I should have posted a pic but it's gone now. And it tasted really funny. Like soapy I guess kinda minty but it was a very mellow high. Idk if anyone has smoked anything that tasts like soap but if u have and u remember what it was called post here...I kinda liked it
  2. I have.. and it was one of the best strains I ever smoked in my life, and I didn't mind the soapy/minty taste. One of my buddies got it from a guy he knew that only had the dankest stuff. My buddy was a hash only guy but his regular hookup was out so he got some of this weed.

    I had the biggest pasties in my life, it felt like I had waterfalls inside my cheeks gushing out saliva.. I had to spit every five seconds.. and man I couldn't drive.. nor did I want to. lol

    I've never come across it again nor do I know the name of it.. but I always keep an eye out for it.. hoping I can one day find it.
  3. I had some "cheese" it was super skunky and had that soapy taste you're describing. Really a opaque color all around
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    I've had Cheese before and I've never gotten that taste from it.. unless it was premature or something. This was also about eight years ago, I don't think Cheese was around back then, could be wrong though.

  5. I'm sure what I had probably wasn't cheese, that's why I used quotes around it. You can never know what you get unless you personally know the seeds or you get it from a dispensary

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