what does this relationship sound like?

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  1. Me and this girl have been talking constantly since july, see each other every weekend, had sex a few times, but still havent labeled it anything and anytime were asked just say were "talking". what the hell does that mean?

    I want a serious relationship witht this girl but dont know how to approach the topic with her cause i dont wanna mess anything up. any help?
  2. So there's occasional hooking-up
    No label showing bf/gf status
    Sounds like friends with benefits/fling thing.

    Just as her straight up if she wants a serious relationship with you or not. Either she is going to want the relationship or she is just going to continue testing the waters.
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    Since u have feelings for this girl i say just be bold and ask her, i like bold men, and honestly i'm not afraid to tell a man if i like of him as a friend, casual friend with benefits or if i want a relationship from him. Life can be short, u have one life, go ahead and live it with no regrets. If u want her and she wants to see other people it's best u move on and not allow urself to slowly go insane by waiting for her to commit, or further brk ur heart. U have the right to be happy, if she does not want the same things u do find a girl that does.
  4. this pretty much puts my mood in a nutshell haha, thanks for the advice

  5. No worries muffin i wish u the best in love and life

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