What does this mean?

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    I read it here...


    what the fuck does that mean? ok, so I google it...


    so what does that mean? could that be a leak to legalize it to promote our economy?

    I'm just a high school kid, I need some one to explain what these words mean. lol
  2. ok bro. None of these have anything to do with weed. But here is what an executive order is. In a nutshell, the president has the power to give executive orders to those executives working in the government. W has issued exec. orders to ban stem cell research and a number of other things. Executive orders aren't laws, just guidelines for those working for the government to follow. Now. If Obama was to issue an executive order to the DEA to stop raiding medical dispensaries they would have, otherwise they get fired. The only time that executive orders carry the force of the law is when they are related to laws that congress has passed. for example, when congress passed the patriot act v1, W issued executive orders to begin its enforcment. THEN it carries the power of law, but not until congress passes it. Obama could issue an executive order to stop medical dispensary raids. He might even be able to issue an executive order to decriminalize, but that would be unlikely. Other than protecting medical users from arrest and such, there isn't much else an exec. order can do for the rest of us.

    And the executive order you read was one by W. regarding federal contractors.

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