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What does thi look like to you? (strain)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by McGlovin, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. It looks like weed.
  2. Im confused is OP asking a question?
  3. Yeah looks like weed to me.
  4. It looks like the krypto-chrona-cunalite *****!
  5. but looks like a shadow, nice pic hopefully someone can identify that for you :rolleyes:
  6. It's not really possible to tell the strain given an HD picture taken with a macro lens. To think we'd be able to discern it with this picture is a bit silly.

    My advice, judge the cannabis by it's quality, not by a strain name. Strain names are really only applicable if buying from a dispensery or a known grower, in which case you'll probably be told the strain name anyway.
  7. It looks like a bad picture of your bed, and I think you are holding something, but that might be your phone.
  8. That's dat Blurry Out-Of-Focus Kush, I had some the other day.
  9. It looks like you have the Marijuana Strain there OP. GREAT SHIT!!!
    Go easy on it...
  10. I would call that shit mids.
  11. I spy with my little eye......A bud, a pipe, glasses, phone, and one funky ass bed sheet, hell naw take that bullsheet to Ohio son, wash that sheet!!
  12. Id bet its that OG Blackberry romulan yeloww cheesecake kush mixed with some purple silver platinum widow haze diesel mayyyyyne

  13. Mos def
  14. Damn that looks like some queef

  15. yeah man you can see in the thread title there is a string of words ending in a question mark. While the words aren't all spelled correctly, you should be able to get the picture.
  16. Wow, at least the other people that ask this question provide a half-ass decent picture..
  17. No ones gonna be able to tell you what strain.... it looks like crappy beasters.
    Where you from?
  18. Sucks taking pics of bud with a camera phone, tried that last night for my 420th but it didnt do my stash any justice
  19. I'm da best mayne

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