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What does the term "personal" mean?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by barrywesker, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Hi, first time poster here.

    A friend of mine received a text from his dealer that said "What you know about some personal?" defines personal as "When you buy a large amount of weed or other drug and intend to sell it in smaller deal's, then you get 'personal' weed that yo' can smoke for free."

    My buddy bought a half ounce from this guy about 6 weeks ago is still smoking the original purchase. Since then he has introduced two more of his friends to the dealer, and they've both bought about a half ounce each.

    So my friend is wondering if the dealer is concerned that he is buying weed, selling it, and keeping the "personal" or "free weed" for himself. Can anyone shed some light?
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    personal means his own Personal stash of weed.

    example : 1. how much personal you got left ?
    2. Oh tommy did you run out of weed yet ? " NO , i still have a little bit of my personal left "
  3. Hey, is that a pug's asshole in your avatar? :confused:
  4. only a half? and what does it matter, once you buy it its yours do whatever you want with it.

  5. no clue i found the pic on google image search, its one of the first things that come up when you image search the word butthole
  6. Are you asking if the dealer would care that people would buy weed from them, then selling it?
    If so they don't give a fuck they would rather move large amounts for cheaper then small amounts for more.
    Say I buy a oz for 350 sell 7 of those 8 8ths for 50 each you make your money back and basically get a 8th for free.
    if that is what you are talking about its how the game goes
  7. So is he trying to buy some weed or what? Keep in mind that this dealer always has large quantities of weed and it would be surprising if he was trying to buy from my friend who is not someone who carries a lot of bud.
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    Yes this is basically the concern. Let us suppose that a half oz. is $180, say someone sells three eights and make that $180 back and keep an 8th essentially for free. Is that bad etiquette?
  9. Discussion of dealing is against the rules here. Just a head's up before a mod swoops in.
  10. no he wants u to buy more weed from him. he's getting good biz from you, and doesn't want to lose it. he's asking if you're running low yet.

    basically any time a dealer texts you, his motive is to get you to buy more, unless otherwise specified.
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    thats normal practice
    and oldschool you took the line "let us suppose" out totally changing the meaning of that statement
  12. From my experience, a "personal" is what it's called when you pack a bowl to smoke by yourself.

    My friend and I then coined the term "twosonal" (like personal, only with "two" instead of "per"), which is meant for two people. Yes, we were high when we came up with that.
  13. Bullshit kid, you edited it after I quoted you.
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    hmm you werent quoting me first. and I did edite my post right after making it?
    All I am saying is when you quoted him it was not what he said YOU changed things not me
    If you dont believe me just scroll up

    Ok it looks like he changed his post. maybe you got me confused for the op
    nonetheless I don't know if I saw his unedited post so I apologize
  15. I dont think so, one of my friends used to sell. He would buy and O and smoke a quarter out of it. He would tell his dealer he did that and the dealer never seemed to care.

    But I have personally never heard the term personal. If you texted him back asking what he meant I dont think he would be mad or embaress you or anything haha
  16. In my group "personal use" or PU is the shit you save for yourself when u wanna go home and smoke a bowl before bed or somethin

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