What does the last text you received say?

Discussion in 'General' started by letsgogreen420, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. mine says "u up? plz call" :p
  2. "hehe sext me tomorrow morning ;) night night. Can come over like 7-8 tomorrow as well x"
  3. "Lol im pretty sure i hog my bed not u! Heh"

    she's right - she does hog the bed.
  4. "Why is there frosted flakes floating around in my fish tank?"
  5. sup you still get the 3 inch exhaust? like sellum?
  6. "no i want to come suck your dick now! i have 3 other virgin girls who want you to fuck them too! u better do it for me :) xoxo"
  7. Lmao @ some of these responses. I'll take it seriously even though mine is lame; "Hi 2:06 AM"
  8. "rise of Darth Vader..."

    Cont. from another text. 5:44pm
  9. "LoL nooo. The first one sucked"
  10. Iight ***** im down. I got weed yesterday so ima smoke before i fuck some ******s in halo
  11. "my pleasure"
  12. "Just woke up, what's good?"
  13. "Merry Christmas!"

    (Insert Forever Alone Face)
  14. ahhh ok im sorry douche
  15. "Ya me too its kinda boring"

    And it was.
  16. jamming to lil wyte

    the typo was actually in the text.
  17. "for chron? just under a hundo"
  18. "Yeah let me shower, I just got done cleaning"
  19. Mines says, "lol ur funny."

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