What does smoking mean to you?

Discussion in 'General' started by Blank1268, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. When you smoke why do you do it? Is it because your with your friends? Are you doing it because you enjoy it? Does doing it serve some purpose to you other then the Buzz? Lets find out.
  2. No one? Alright I wil go. I smoke for the fun of it. I love the feel of everything when I am stoned, and everything just is great.
  3. People smoke to get high and have fun or to get high and ease medical conditions.
  4. I smoke in the morning for motivation
    I smoke while I work for inspiration
    I smoke after working for pain and relaxation
    I smoke for entertainment and at night to help sleep. I enjoy smoking its what I do.... may seem to much but at least I'm not pilled up or a drunk.
  5. Sometimes it's cause I just want to relax, or in chilling with my buds and there's nothing like talking and playing video games while getting stoned.

    My fav though is when I can't get to sleep or eat anything cause my vyvanse. I go out on the deck and smoke a big ol bong to the dome and just munch then pass out
  6. I smoke to relax at the moment, have a lot of stressful stuff in my life right now, but my reasons vary from time to time.
  7. It means freedom to me, cause without it I feel like I'm in this prison we call the world.
  8. [quote name='"dreamachieve"']It means freedom to me, cause without it I feel like I'm in this prison we call the world.[/quote]

    Looks like you need a perspective adjustment. The mind makes a hell of heaven and a heaven of hell. Be your own crutch
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  9. For real man.. this is exactly how I will have it once I get on my feet. Some immature smokers just like to get high and act a fool. While the mature smokers use it for mostly meditation and relaxation. :smoke:
  10. it allows me to cope with things that would normally piss me off, allow me to eat, pain, etc.. i never really thought of medicinally since i live in the backwoods bible belt pig fucker armpit of the country. i would seriously rather just smoke weed every day instead of being on prescription meds. once you've been physically addicted to somthing you want nothing but to free of it. i just love being able to wake up and getting high isnt the only thing on my mind.
  11. I usually smoke when I wake up before school every morning because I feel a lot better, helps with my morning stomachaches, and it's just fun.
    I smoke after school right when I get home so I can relax and listen to some music. Then I smoke some more because it makes homework fun, and then I smoke some more to get me into bed.

    I smoke with friends on weekends usually because it's fun to do and we all smoke.

    Helps out a lot with my posture/back problems. And it helps with my migraines if I get them as well. Puts me in a good mood, and expands my brain "power."
  12. I smoke to unwind. It's as simple as that. Everything else that it does is just a side effect - another added perk. When I get home in the evening, smoking can turn a frown of a day upside down. If I've had a wonderful day, it makes it even better. All my woes and worries and troubles melt away.
  13. smoking to me now is a break from routine. a way to obtain new perspective unwind and relax my mind. its almost like a mental reset which is needed time to time. it did help me when i was youngr with depression idk what i would have done if i didn't have the herb it was a constant escape from reality but sometimes you need that at one time in your life or another.. ya know

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