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What does point of waking and baking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by H4ZER, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. I mean I just did it i guess since i smoked like 20-30minutes after I got of bed which seems like waking and bakin to me im right now.Sowhat is the point.
  2. The point is you get high without getting tired. Smoke a sativa when you wake up, makes you feel awake and productive.

    Smoke an Indica before bed to make yourself sleep better. (Indica's make you sleepier.)
  3. You get to start the day high....whats not to love?

    Also, getting ready in the morning is fun as fuck baked (showers....)
  4. wake n bakes are generally 1min-2 hrs after wake up for me. all depends on how long i lay in bed for after i wake up.
  5. If you have to ask, you're wasting weed by doing so.

    Edit: Or you're just too high. Haha!
  6. lol if you actually get to the getting ready part...i have such a hard time getting up and out the door when i am comin off a wake n bake...i just like wander around not knowing wtf i am doing, thinking i forgot to grab something...etc...cant find my keys weed.
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  7. It's like a completely different high. It's all the benefits of being high without the downside of being tired as hell afterwards.
  8. the only problem i have with wake in bake is that it makes me want to burn all day long lol
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  9. its a good way 2 know "this is gonna be a good fuckin day 2day"
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  10. Lol yeah. This morning I got 1/4 of some nice mids around 6am. I stayed home today just to toke up. So far its 2pm and im not gonna stop. I also have 1/8 of K2 smoke blend coming in the mail in a few hours, thatll find its way into rotation when my friends get here.

  11. Exactly what I was going to say. Nothing better than a Wake n Bake to start the day
  12. i use toking a fat bowl when i wake up as a reward for getting out of my perfectly warm, comfy bed. but downside is having a strong urge to keep smoking for the entire day.
  13. Best smoke of the day, by far. I'm lucky, I work from home so I bake all day.
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  14. Plus it makes the morning commute SO much better. :) I used to ride the subway, put on my ipod, read a book, and have an entire days worth of fun before getting to work.
  15. what are you talking about. wake and bakes are better than any other time for me
  16. Wake n bake is prbably the best time to smoke period...

    I hate getting ready for work, i hate driving to work, i hate looking for clothes. If i smoke before that then I have no problem at all going to work :D

    For some reason I get higher during a wake n bake.

  17. Well a wake n bake generally implies it is the first sesh of the day, so will get you higher right there. And I've read that you get the highest if you smoke within the first 30 minutes of waking up, not sure if that's an urban myth or not. But nothing like rolling out of bed, and blazing before you fully wake up and all.
  18. For me, it helps me get passed that gross part of the morning where you're tired, feeling like shit and just want to sleep forever or just be done with all the morning shit (most people use coffee for this, I use weed AND coffee lol).

    The only problem is that I find it is highly addictive. If you wake and bake for one day, chances are you'll wake up the next day and the first thought will be "smoke" and if you don't do it, be prepared to have that thought stuck on your frontal lobe until you do eventually smoke lol.
  19. Every morning I wake up, have a cup of tea and watch the weather, and then smoke a bowl while I do my hair and makeup. After getting dressed and eating breakfast I smoke another bowl, finish getting ready, and head out.

    Smoking makes getting ready, driving while listening to my music, and school/work so much more exciting and elaborate. It helps me wake up and actually enjoy my time I have to spend preparing for my day. :)
  20. I agree with the dude talking about doing it before work. I'm usually up around 4:30am which sucks. But if I bake I can get ready and I have time to get an awesome breakfast like some biscuits and gravy and just start the day in a good mood. Fuck, I want some biscuits and gravy.

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