What does music mean to YOU??

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  1. here i am getting all excited and happy about the new music forum :)
    i love music, and have tried 2 times now to write a post about music and its role in my life and both times my puter froze. i think it was a hint to me that i'm writing entirely too much and rambling on.... so thanks to my puter i have cut it short :D

    Music has been important to me all my life. I have been heavily influenced from day one by music. It lifts my spirits, it soothes my worries, it calms me down. It encourages me to dream, love, believe in others, have faith. It expresses emotions I didn't know how to interperet. It makes me HAPPY, truly HAPPY. Music brings tears to my eyes on a daily basis, I feel the sorrow expressed, I feel the happiness expressed in the music I listen to. Music defines who I am, effects my every thought. I have spent many a night sweating, celebrating, dancing, LIVING all night long in small cramped basements with as little as 2 to as many as hundreds of other people who feel the passion of music pulse through their body, not a single thought in my head just an entire night of feeling, loving, living, BEING the music.
    If any one of you have seen the movie Almost Famous and got to see the magic that Cameron Crowe felt through music, well, that's how I feel. Music is magic to me, it is priceless.

    All my closest friends in this world are deeply connected to me through music. It effects them the way it does me, and there is not much to be said when together, as the music overwhelms our ability to speak. Just glances and smiles @ each other suffice at times. Music make good days better turn unbearable workdays into fun evenings. If I have no music @ my dispense, my mind will suffice & I will hum aloud or just hum in my head. In the shower it's more like SING OUT LOUD. There is nothing like a drive on the backroads in the spring with some good music jammin' singin at the top of your lungs. Music is a huge part of my life, it's a huge part of me, it DEFINES me.
    Damn now see, that there was almost a novel and I thought I was gonna keep it short. :eek: oops sorry guys!

    Led Zeppelin is a whole other novel, so I'll spare you on my love(passion?) for them(and Oysterhead, and well, a myriad of bands). :D :D xo xo xo xo
  2. Music is my Heritage, My art, My "therapy", My release,My passion, and a solid connection to my Parents, who sadly are no longer with me!!!!! I have performed to crowds of thousands, and to Nature.......High in the mountains with no "fans" but the surrounding lil' critters! It is my refuge in dark times, my joy in good times. It is my favorite form of expression, enabling me to share a common interest with Family, friends, and people I have never( or will ever ) met. Ganjaphish, I know what you mean about the urge to "ramble on" when It comes to this subject, so I'm gonna try to wind this post up. I would like to urge all who post in this forum to be tolerent and respectful of others choices in music!!! Variety is the spice of life.......if you don't like a certain style,don't listen.........DON"T HATE!!! LUV YA"LL!!
  3. What great posts U2.

    I have to agree with pretty much all that you say music is to you. It certainly is the way I can express myself most freely.

    Remember the movie "Demolition Man"? Where the popular music of the time is going to be commercial tunes from the past (which is during our time).


    Let's hope things never degrade to only that!

    I love music, and enjoy every type. I can even get into rap and country if I am forced to be surrounded by it. :D

  4. holy fuck i love that movie.. yea i totally agree with what you said. music is really the biggest part of my life. all the days i just tried to kill myself... music saved my life... sounds stupid yet is true. well.. yes Zeppelin is the awesomest band *Next to Aerosmith* (i'm wearing my Zeppelin shirt right now :D ) yea i forgot what i was gonna say...


  6. I remember that about Demolition Man, no thanks! I will hold on to my CD's forever in case of any possible "Commercial" music change. ;)

    Music DOES have magical power, I agreee!!!!
    Off to toke, hyper bf rushing me off puter lol
  7. Music is a DRUG!!
  8. If not for music, I would not be here right now. It helped me out during a hard time. I was stuck in a rut, miserable, and bored as hell with life. I couldn't find enjoyment in anything. I had listened to The Beatles before, but I had never really HEARD them, until one day, when I heard Strawberry Fields or some shit like that. I became alive again after listening to that! Since then, I totally turned around and became the music loving freak that I am today. My musical taste is still evolving, but there will always be a special place in my heart and my head for The Beatles.

    P.S. John and George, I love you and I miss you both!!
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  9. music is therapy.
    music is culture.
    music is fun.
    music is great.
    music is a big part of my life.
  10. I totally would have to agree with spread_dead420 here.. music lifts me out of my ruts and saves my ass every time. Depression doesn't last long with me if I have good music around :)
  11. True music- not under any circumstances pop music. That is just a bastardisation and travisty of music. Other than that I like everything. Punk being my fave at the mo. But I listen to all kinds. From classical to the 60s hippy stuff and the doors and even to some of the punk-ish kind of stuff that's around now- ie homegrown etc.

    Music provides the best pick me up in life. There is nothing better than music. It can make you laugh cry or just implode into your own mind and conciousness. I find myself looking at everything in life and putting a peice of music to it. Even just sitting looking at the wall in the middle of nothing I think: hey this is erm... oh man come to think of it I can't remember the name of the song. DAMMIT...

    Music is life.

    Peace, love, music

  12. you know weezy lil wayne if you do then you know what music means to me because everything that he says is a metaphore with a deeper meaning that makes you think but you have to think fast because the next sentance that comes out of his mouth is something else out of this world he's either an alien (which he claims) or he made a deal with the devil
    never heard of him? check out this song "playing with fire" from his album "the carter 3" listen and if your not a rap fan just listen and dont discriminate
    also the song i listed above isnt my personal favorite i chose to suggest it because i thought it would be easier for people that are not familier with him to understand which leads me to suggest "misunderstood" from the same album
  13. music IS therapy!

    It can influence what you think and feel...make a scarier scene scarier. A war scene more noble and heartwrentching. So music you listen to, study, pick apart and piece back together never gets old. What about it makes you love the music you love? It reflects what you feel, "what am I in the mood for?". The possibilities are endless, seems like I stumble upon great music and can't believe i've lived this long witout it!

    Music, it's one of the few things that have withstood the test of time, clearly its here for a reason. damn that's some heavy shit! lmao ;P
  14. Music is everything

    I'm black, and grew up listening to Nas and Thrash Metal.
    Now, I find myself listening to a lot of lysergic blues like Trophy Scars.

  16. "Holy Vacants" was a masterpiece.
  17. it's an escape, a reality, a time portal, mood enhancer, and reason for inspiration
    me too
  19. An undeniable and unfathomably soothing escape from reality that provides both relief and a form of therapy that is useful in repairing a broken mind.
  20. Its my lullaby..........
    Keeps the sanity...........
    When im high, it makes the day go byeee..............:D

    Sow the seed............
    Grow the weed............

    Theres power in numbers...............

    ### Knowledge is Power!!! ###

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