What does everyone do?

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How hard do you work?

  1. Hard work never killed anyone, it wont get me!!

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  2. Work all day!

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  3. Work as little as possible!

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  4. Work is just another 4 letter word!

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  1. What do you guys (and gals) do for a living?

    I am a cinema projectionist and have to admit its gotta be my dream job! I get to watch movies, I virtually run the place so can sneak off for a smoke and no-one knows, I can tell you there is nothing like getting completely baked and watching a film at sound levels that would scare small children! I sat alone in a screen one night watching toy story 2 completely wasted with the sound so loud it was shaking the seats!

    So what do you guys do? can you/do you get stoned at work?

    P.S No jokes about tyler durden in fight club! (heard them all before, and no, I dont splice frames of porn into kids films!)
  2. Im a photographer who needs to make more money.

  3. I work all day so I can get baked at night :)

    Do customer service/purchasing for a wholesale distributor for hardware/laminate to the woodworking industry. No offense to that industry, but it is LADEN with ignorant jerks, and I work my ass off for all of them so I can get a raise. A WORD TO THE NOT-SO-WISE: DON'T BID A LEAD TIME ON A JOB UNTIL *AFTER* YOU CHECK AVAILABILITY! I am tired of getting bitched at because the certain laminate needed is a factory make with a 3-week lead time! Sorry~ had to :)

    My job's OK though because the people I work with are all pretty laid-back. Too much drama for me though, if you came in and spent a day just sitting there you would hear stories that are very similar to Jerry Springer's guests! And quite alot of shit-talking - sometimes what you can't say to the customer you just have to exclaim after you hang that phone up! :) Can't repress that, yanno ! :D

    Anyway, there's no way I could be stoned at my job and sometimes wish I could be. However, if I was stoned maybe I could handle these asshole customers and not really care.

    What do ya'all do?? I'm curious :)
  4. I'm an Engineering Technician currently specializing in electronics (formerly in Civil Engineering).
    I am both a work-a-holic and a smoke-a-holic.
    But I prefer to be called a "Ganja Achiever" :D

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  5. I own a constuction comp. I work hard all day and i'm still living. My personal opinion is, A good days work is great for the ego. The money doesn't hurt either!!!!!!!!
  6. I'm a baker! My boss doesn't mind if I bake while I bake either but I tend not to. I can be kinda clumsy when I'm high and I don't retain information as well. Retaining is a must because im very much still learning.
    One day I will own a psychedelic bakery. I will revolutionize the pychedelic baking world! The name of the bakery will be JOE BLOW's DOUGH SHOW. I also plan on having a petting zoo attached next door. i like to pet baby goats
  7. Hey there FatGuySmokes ,

    Welcome to Grasscity "Where particular people congregate"

    or was it peculiar......I forget. :)

    Is that the new pup in your avitar ?
  8. Fatguysmokes, I love the term "bake while I bake" LOL will have to remember to use that next time I make some brownies!! I also like the Idea of your psycedelic bakery! Not sure why you need a petting zoo next door though!
    I once thought of running a pub and Kebab shop all mixed into one, I would call it my Kepub!

  9. actually thats the pups mother. good ol' smudgey
  10. I'd never be able to say it with a straight face ,Pekinshitwowa.

    Cute pup tho.
  11. Roach... love the bomb tech! :D

    I work in a group home for mentally handicapped. (Or did I escape from there, hell I don't remember)

    Not much hard physical work, (unless one tries to swing wall trim at you with nails in it. Pissed people are the hardest to get back under control of themselves), but it's mentally challenging.

    Other than that I do as much work as necessary to provide the illusion of non-laziness.

    Where's the rolling tray? Aw man! I have to roll another? What work!

    They need to legalize it so I can just send my friends to go buy me a pack. LOL
  12. i am a wise man! you mean i am supposed to be doing something? lol i am many things .but i think being tazz11 is a ful time job and then some!!! lol .
  13. but i am thinking of writeing a book called "the consumers guide to good cannbis"the life and times of .. ..i for got! by tazz11
  14. dude ,dude i got a few old cook books from the 1800's bakeing taste that melt in your mind as well as your mouth dude ,i got like 8 or 9 great books ,a few got over a 1000's yummys,i realy like my 1878 ginger bread mixs ,and you woder how witches fly,tazz11
  15. I own and run (and formed) the NVA, which is a publishing company/organization for anti-political works/means.

    I've downstepped my role a bit, so I can have some free-time and lay-low for awhile... so at the moment most of this entails trying to work through a heavy writer's block so I have some pull when it comes to telling other people their shit sucks... not much I can say when my writing ability is diminished to a point of seeming illiterate. lmao.

    And of course staying extremely active politically... sucks that a person in my stance which rebucks the system must play in it to get any change... but that's the way of the world.

    The NVA grows larger every-day with young and old alike who wish to take a stand against the system, who've shut out the monotanous churning (albeit lulling sound) of the steady ongoing machine called every-day life.

    I'm a writer, which is where some of my money comes from ;) No real monitary profit (if anything I'm in the hole because of my love for it) is hailed from the NVA, so I'm forced like many a good writer to speil fluff pieces in magazines I'd never read in my every-day life. Usually topics addressing sex, because that's what I'm best at and where a good deal of my knowledge lays and what "they" want me to do. But every now and again I'm forced by lack of funds to degrade myself and talent by writing pieces on fashion tips and "how to please your man by not giving in and pleasing him" (<- that was one of my latest... argh).

    *laughs* If only the women reading these mags knew I was a young woman with more elective holes in her face than a man knows what to do with, who refuses to use a purse because she loves her bike-chained wallet too much, is a fishnet stocking wearing, 12-gauge shotgun shooting, harley riding, extreme sport loving, loveless but lustfilled nympho who only outrules two sexual quirks (beastiality, pedophilia, or otherwise non consentual sex) and who besides those two things will only refuse to do engage in one (scat), anarchist who wished to ruin their crystal castle encased lives through freedom of soul... I doubt they'd listen to me.

    In the past I made quite a lot of money, and gained quite a lot of recognition for my poetry and prose... maybe I'll find myself there again. :) God I can go off at the mouth... err... keyboard?
  16. you must have amind of gold to watch the goverment that much and not get sick gal! thy pin is warm than the thi.write and i shell write if its good that is.good luck tazz11
  17. wait just one min.tazz your fucking up i cant even under stand that shit man! whats up dude ,well it was a late night hahaha.i'll take some pills and get back to you, fine but till than reread your shit your off the wall .i know dude dont go egore or me .
  18. for the members that didnt under stand those last two post thats what a writer says when he pinches his finger between the desk and his chair as he is writeing ,fuck that smarts!lol sorry, not enough coffie yat!
  19. I go to school, when they let me. *lol*. I don't have a job *sigh* and my only funds come from my parents. sad, sad, sad.
  20. suck up ,kiss ass ,but your realy doing a great job at it! lol

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