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What does BPP and Smokie from Okie have in common

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Feb 3, 2002.

  1. Well not much other than they can't get along. I know everyone has seen the battle over the last year. One always on the other ones case.

    Well BPP lives on a farm because he like farm animals. There was a post the other day where he was wondering which chicks he should buy. I thought with him being married he wouldn't want more chicks. I guess he needs some with a smaller hole for his genitals!

    Enough about Bad Poppa Puff.

    Smokie on the other hand. He likes to stir up shit. Girls basketball games are not even safe from this stoner from Okie! Give Smokie a little room and he always has a comeback. When he is pushed, He'll just run over you're ass. Watch out for that Murray lawn mower rider in the Oklahoma.

    Some might say they love to have fun. But i think they act like they were once married. One always trying to out do the other. Boys if you can't get along at least let us enjoy it here on the net.

    I guess we all miss the flamming from alabama and oklahoma.

    Give us something to brighten our days guys!

    I bet Smokie will reply first. Any takers out there????

    Have fun guys. we'll be watching
  2. ...........................first.............................................................

  3. looks like Bud Head is lookin' for a lil trouble :D
  4. i reckon its 2 against 1 now that bud head has decided to play....
    cant wait
  5. well Smokie stopped in first.

    Highya I saw the post made by Smoke at the hooka. I knew somethings up. I just wanted to see if they would share it with us.

    I guess you could call me a shit starter as well!
    I know i asked for it but be gental guys. My feelings get hurt easy!!!!!!!!
  6. ........... I thought we were both full of shit!!!!!

    We was just trying to stir the 'pot' a little bit and keep things interesting. Didn't mean to offend you there Mr. Bald Head with our bantering.

    And about the chicks, I need to get the kind that don't run too fast. I'm not as young as I used to be....

    Keep trying Bud/Bald Head, it'll take a lot more than this post to get my goat...

  7. i was teasin ya darlin,.... i mean shit starter :)
    ps. thisis the kind of crap that gets stars takin away from me at other sites....lmao
  8. I went over to Yahooka and saw Mr. Oklahoma's remarksabout my homeland. The only thing I could think was "why did he post it at the Hooka?' when I'm usually here.

    But Mr Bud Head points it out to me, to see what my reaction is. My reaction is this: I think there is a lot of truth to Smoky comments, but you can change Alabama to Oklahoma, or even Tennessee for that matter, in his post and it still makes sense.

    Bud, you're just jealous that Smoky and I don't pick on you. I'll be more than happy to keep reminding you about my luscious head of hair while you are still worried about sunburns on your scalp.
  9. I'm havin a good time and I'm certain that the Big Poopa will take the cuts in the spirit that they are offered, as well as dish his own back! I'm always up for a good putdown!

    Sarcasm does'nt translate too well to the boards, does it?
    I've learned to be more careful about the way I come off to people who may not have dealt with me before! You shoulda seen all the PM's I got about selling the bunk weed to the 16 yr. olds! Sheeeeeesh! It was a joke man!

    As for why I put all that stuff at 'Hooka;

    Would you believe that I thought I was here when I was really there? Bouncing between boards you sometimes get confused what's going on where. Or maybe it's the fact that I got a hold of some goooooood shit this weekend! STML?????

    And so,

    To keep Cap'n Budhead feeling wanted and loved;

    Q: What has 20 feet and 7 teeth?

    A: Front row at Budhead's Graduation!:D
  10. Now that i have you're attention fellows, I have a question.

    Which is faster a fox or a chicken?

    What lives longer a fish or deer?

    What is better sex or weed?

    Give your answers and i'll get back to ya!

    BTW I thought i would get you two together so the rest of us would have some one to laugh at!

    BPP being bald and enjoying it takes more pride that a head full of hair with the brain of a mouse!!hahaha

    Smokie, you broke the rules of the song about oklahoma!
    The song says, ya'll don't smoke marijuanna in the Okie, and ya'll don't get high on LSD!
  11. Highya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!

    I won't take your stars away darlin. Yes I am trying to get shit started. I like to stir up the stink around here every now and then! BPP and Smokie like to pick on each other so I am just lending them a helping hand!!
  12. you better be carefull they just may have a way to use that hand dude lol!you chicken spankers!lol she is a babe and if she was'nt married it would be a week end in bed with a cake and a warm spoon! smile sweety i know you like these things its in your ink! lol aint that right bud head!
  13. Who is trying to stir up shit now?? LOL Critter!

    Have you noticed our head banging boys have been stoned lately?? Get a picture of them and see how bad they were stoned...LMAO!

    Hey fellas. How they hanging. Not to low I hope!!!!!

    BTW BPP found a genie bottle on the gulf shores. He furiously rubs the side of bottle. Out pops Smokie the genie..

    Smokies says for freeing me of the bottle, I grant you one wish..

    BPP..Can I have any wish that I want..

    Smokie..Yes you can, but only one..

    BPP.. Well I have been small all my life in the genital dept.. Make my dick touch the ground...

    Smokie.. Obliges BPP then cuts off his legs!!!

  14. hell with the tennesee remark i just new mary jane would come runnin defending her vols..

    just as long as yall dont say anything about arkansas i guess were good:D

  15. Yeah who would wnat to talk about a bunch of pig-fuckers ahyway, SOOOOOOOEEEEEEEE!!! GO HAWGS!!!!

    Did you hear that Nolan Richardson III got kicked off the basketball team at Tennessee State for carrying a gun on campus and to the Basketball game, must have had a flashback to them days at Bud Walton arena. But Coaches should know better than that, especially when they are the head basketball coach.

    Now as far as you MR. BUD HEAD, at least I still have all my hair on my head, Big thick curly hair that women drool over, even your new girlfriend
  16. as if there isnt enough shit wrong with our basketball program as is...grrr

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