what does and eigth of mushrooms look like?

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  1. well in about 2 weeks me and my friend are paying 40 bucks for an eigth of white cap mushrooms and i was wondering cuz i dont have a scale and i was wondering if anyone could post a picture of what an eigth of white cap mushrooms would look like or what an 8th of any shrooms would look like

    o and BTW i did a search on google and on forums and no luck
    thanks in advance
  2. It looks like an 1/8th of mushrooms...

    Buy a damn scale or borrow one.
  3. Just tell your dealer that you want him to weigh it out in front of you.
  4. alright well uhhh i willa sk him to weigh it out infront of me but i was kinda looking for a comparison picture or something but if thats not possible then w/e
  5. Shrooms are 90% water. If you buy a gram of wet mushrooms it can drop to 0.1g in a day or two.

    Mushrooms can weigh anywhere from a few grams to practically nothing.
  6. if there really dry it will cover the entire width and about 2 inches tall
  7. alright
    and does anyone know if white caps are quality mushrooms?
  8. Uh, you need to research your shit if you're going to buy mushrooms.

    You can get ripped off or get sick/die pretty easy if you don't know what they look like.


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