What Do Your Parents Yell at You About?

Discussion in 'General' started by zeldar420, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. It can be recent or not

    My dad just yelled at me for my girl staying over to much and being late for work(work for my dad) and coming in stoned.. sighh
  2. while i was clicking on this my mom lectured (didnt really yell) about how my room is a mess
  3. Most things... Money usually, and what to spend it on.

    Communication has never really been one of our strong points; and money, or lack of, tends to push buttons.
  4. Not visiting them or calling them enough

  5. i'd be pissed too if i gave my son a job and he was coming in stoned all the time.:D
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    Damn noW im getting yelled at on here to!

  7. What are you saying id be hapy im not giving him money for it anymore.. finally he can buy his own weed with his own money im psyched to smoke weed with my son someday in the future I may show him the great DK (legandary bong)
  8. Dang, haven't been yelled at by either parent in decades........... nice.........
  9. Grades. Oh my god. Grades. It was every... fucking day... every day. NAG NAG NAG NAG NAG
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    After fighting with my mom, My dad once yelled ... son!.. pull this part toward you! then he put the gun to his head, sure enough me being the 4 year old child I was I did what he asked.
  11. dirrty rooom
  12. my mom doesnt really yell, she does this guilt trip shit that is worse to me. trying to make me feel bad that i did something wrong or whatever, and that i disappointed her lol. it works cause shes the only family i really have.

    and i dont talk to my dad, think the last time he yelled at me it was because he refused to take me home, so i called my mom and he heard me and started yelling at me to hang the phone up (i was like 12). he can yell at me all he wants tho, wont do anything
  13. I don't get yelled at. Dad will get pissed now and then but that's on the boss tip (I work for him), not on the father son type shit cus we don't have the type of relationship. My mom / step dad haven't yelled at me in forever.
  14. Fucking EVERYTHING
  15. Nothing because I'm an adult.
  16. Coming home drunk. Bout it.
  17. For .... nothing.
  18. College applications (all the motherfucking time and it's summer)
    Coming home late
    Smoking cigarettes
  19. They used to tell me that I waste too much time hanging out with my friends and partying

    Then I stopped hanging out as much and stopped partying almost completely and they are telling me to go out and party. I'm 20 though and most of my friends are 21...so going to the bar is not an option. ahhhh

    5 more months and i'll be 21...
  20. For eating all the food in the house

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