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What do you wish...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. could get that you can't?

    I wish that I could get a bag of end pieces instead of a loaf of bread. I'm not sure how many pieces of bread are in a normal loaf but if they were all end pieces, I'd be the happiest person on Earth! :)

    By the way, I just had the best jelly toast in the world. Strawberry preserves on wheatberry bread....yummmm! Lucky was an end piece! :D
  2. i wish there was a weed fairy...and you would leave your empty bag under your pillow and she would leave more weed in there...i would be very happy...cause id sell some too and be rich as sin :)
  3. only god know what i wish for.. but he cant give it to me ethier tho....
  4. The more l thought about it the harder it got :D.

    Free education to all kids upto the age of 18 yrs old.And l mean free.
  5. I wish higha just won the lotto for 350,000. Well, hell if shes gonna win the lotto why not make it 160 million:)

    I wish weed was legal.

    and I wish greed was abolished as an emotion and feeling.

    oh...and that rumjil is NICE N BAKED!!

  6. I agree

    Weed legalised

    Every one baked

    Our own island to sit and bake as we please..
  7. I wish I could have a constant supply of G13, Black Widow and Hindu Kush :p
  8. i wish i understood women

  9. aaw stylez that is soo sweet. ;)

    im with critter, i shouldnt have thought on this....

    id wish for people that hurt inside to stop hurting,
    that no young people would ever take their own lives
    id wish that people who hurt others would stop

    crusty pieces eh?....:)
  10. i wish i and everyone else could stay happy and high all the time and never run out of weed
  11. I wish I never started smoking cigarettes....and I wish Scott hadn't died.
  12. I wish that... I wish for so many things that i cant name em all,and alot of em are crazy lol

    I wish I had love
    I wish Love had me
    I wish Weed Was free
    I wish death would stop
    I wish Time would just hold the fuck on for one second
    I wish that I could make all my dreams, and those of my friends come true...
    I wish it wasnt so hard to believe in God
    I wish i had all the answers...
    I wish I was a better person, or could at least better myself

    I wish i was a little bit taller, i wish i was a baller, i wish i had a girl, if i did i would call her. I wish i had a rabbit n a hat wit a bat :p hahaha i used to love that song back in the day
  13. I wish i found a forest of natural growing marijuana plants, which belonged to all those who wanted to toke.
  14. I feel silly about wishing for a bag of end pieces; although, that would still make me very happy! (I could live off of toast...plain or with the works.) :)

    I wish life could be consistently easy for at least 3 months in a row...just once.

    I wish that time and distance were just words.

    I wish that everyone had their animals inside with them tonight because it's really cold out there.

    I wish that risks didn't seem so risky.

    I wish that I had 2 Sausalito cookies and a glass of milk. :D

    "Star light, star bright
    First star I see tonight,
    I wish I may, I wish I might,
    Have the wish I wish tonight." *

    Do you think that works?
  15. I wish for a special head stash, an ounce at a time, of the banginest bud ever, and every time i finished it (like every 6 hours or so =) it would refill with a different strand of bangin ass bud. Oh and a Carrera GT.
  16. I wish I could end world poverty... Would fix all problems; Famine would end, Hunger would be non-existant, Crime would widdle to nearly nothing, and the world would be at peace!!
  17. I wish for ppl that dont have the time,to not be so rude and to slow down and actually think about the hurry they're in...
    i wish my kid would've "grown out" of her asthma like they said she would....bastids!
    and most of all i wish maryjane was legal :D :smoke:
  18. I wish I had my own marijuana greenhouse in my backyard.[​IMG]
  19. I wish i could grant animals the ability to speak and comprehend. I swear these squirrels in my back yard worship me as a god, I'll go and throw out some stale bread or cake and they come running out of the trees and bushes for it, they even sit there and wait for me if they see me around now.

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