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What do You Want to do With Your Body When You Die?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tangerine Laugh, May 21, 2010.

  1. i want to be thrown into the top of a volcano....:cool:
  2. I would want to be cremated and have my ashes spread over the Pacific. Original, right?
  3. I'm with docleary here, sky burial for sure

    that or get thrown into a river somewhere

    or get buried and plant a Sacred fig tree above me
  4. I'd like to have my corpse cut open and layed on a rock in the high elevations so the buzzards can pick me clean. I'm sure they'll get a buzz from all the thc.
  5. I really don't care if I get cremated, buried, or whatever the hell else there is, but I do want to donate my organs. As far as I'm concerned they can have them all (if they're still in good shape :D), I mean I'm not gonna need them anyways.
  6. Same here!
  7. id like to be fused into a terminator chassis, like marcus wright.

  8. I would say this.
  9. thank you, thank you:p

    ever seen half baked:rolleyes: not an original idea....
  10. If I die without any severe wounds in my organs, I would probably donate most of the organs that could be used to those who need it.
  11. First choice: Be sent into space frozen in cryogenic state toward the center of the galaxy. Hoping I come across a species that either uses me as a ambassador for peace to human kind.. Or uses my body to identify our weakness and I'm re-created as a Locutus of Borg ;)

    Second: Fused with cybernetic technology as the original Universal Soldier/RoboCop/Cyberstoner... basically a real LIFE Halo Spartan player (combing the smoker on xbox live and the technology from Halo :) )
  12. i want to be bronzed.

    and displayed as a statue forever and ever.

    in front of the white house., at the grand canyon.
  13. When I die I don't wanna be buried...just toss me in the trash.
  14. the landfill?

    alrite no problem :laughing::confused_2:
  15. I would want my body to be stuffed, and have animatronics installed in my arm, that way, I could be proped up and I could wave at friends and family as they arrive to my funeral.:smoke:
  16. i want to be placed in the middle of the woods and left to rot as nature intended. that way my essential nutrients actually get back into the ground where they can be used.

    may my body be food for mother earth, my creator, my supporter and my home.
  17. I'm have my ashes shot into space. Decision made.
  18. Ashes let out in the sea, only then will i be free.
  19. I've thought about my death quite a lot in my life.

    When I was around 17 I came to a definate choice, I will build an open shrine with soil in it and I'll die laying there with seeds scattered around. I'll choose somewhere rainy.

    This song reminds me of my death.

    [ame=""]YouTube - APC - Brena - Live In Arizona (Audio)[/ame]

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