What do You Want to do With Your Body When You Die?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tangerine Laugh, May 21, 2010.

  1. Popped into my mind a little bit ago thinking bout my gramps. R.I.P.

    anyway im thinking id either want to be cremated, then have my ashes spread out in a garden and have someone close to me plant my favorite fruits, veggies, and other greens. or mummify myself?

    what do you think?
  2. I would rather be cremated and spread somewhere I think its cheaper.
  3. Turned to ash and have those ashes thrown into the wind off a mountain or just someplace where my remains will spread.
  4. I would want my remains to be stuffed inside a flamingo.

    on a serious note, i'd probably be cremated.
  5. my friend and i once had this conversation. we decided that if i die first, he's gonna cut my flesh into little pieces and feed me to birds. afterward, he will make a chair out of my skeleton with my skull as the end of the armrest. i have the sky burial knife already.


    if he dies first, i'm packing his body into a cannon and launching it over my fields of dank ganja. then once his body has fertilized my weed, i will consume it and breed it in memory of my fallen brother.
  6. OP, I've always had your idea in mind. Except maybe change the veggies to a cannabis plant, have the ashes spread in some soil, plant a seed, and be smoked away :)
  7. ide want to be cremated, but all in all i think it would be more beneficial to the earth to just be buried and decompose. sounds sketchy though, your body just lying there, decaying, forever. fuck that actually

    ^^yea and is that fucking picture really necessary you plonker
  8. Personally I don't give a damn but if there's anything worthwhile left, I'd like it to go to someone who can use it.
  9. i shall be cremated and my ashes spread all over the hills of me beloved ireland.and may i rest with all true fenian men ,erin go bragh
  10. I want to be buried in a huge open plain with a small tree planted over my grave. According to my extensive research as the tree used my corpse for fertilizer, I would continue living as the tree. As the tree grew and reproduced it would eventually make a forest that would envelop my spirit. I would live forever as the forest expanded and haunt everyone. Shit would be so cash.
  11. In the unlikely event that my body is recoverable, I would like them to cut every scrap of usable tissue out of me for people who need it, then burn the leftovers.

    I would love if my family used my ashes as fertilizer, preferably for something long-term and edible, like a fruit tree.
  12. I plan on dying after the upcoming horrible virus outbreak, so maybe not eat it would be nice.
  13. Just give my body to some necropheliacs and let them have a field day.
  14. i wanna be stuffed like an animal... with a big smile, a beer in one hand, a blunt in my ear, and a big boner =]
  15. I want to be crafted into a grotesque, macabre, marionette puppet. Maybe I'll be sold to a famous traveling play, and they'll drop my corpse down from strings and start dangling me all around on stage, or maybe I'll be Jeff Dunham's next dummy.
  16. I wanna be cremated.

    Afterwards, if my friends and family want to, they can use my ashes to make jewelry out of if they wish. I think that'd be pretty cool...
  17. That is an amazingly epic idea.
  18. Viking Funeral all the way!
  19. anybody know a way of getting your ashes into space to orbit the earth?
  20. i would like like to be buried where i was born :)

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