What do you use?

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  1. What do you use to light your bud?
  2. currenly using a bic lighter.

    tried some hemp wick..

    still not sold on it tho..
  3. When I am inside I use my hakko 454

    When I am outside bee line.
  4. Herb Iron is my favorite, but I have a butane torch and glass wand also. But if those are not available i go with beeline. If all else fails, im flicking my bic :p
  5. For joints and blunts use matches. It doesn't leave that nasty flavor of butane, instead gives a bitter sulfur, but just until you light it. For a pipe I just use a lighter, since it doesn't have any paper and won't mess up he roach later.
  6. What is a beeline?
  7. A hemp wick.

    You light that with a lighter, then you can use that to light your bowls with. Its so you dont inhale any fumes from the lighter...
  8. Jet torch lighter ALWAYS! :D
    Followed by clipper if the going gets rough, hemp wick on occasion, sunlight and magnifying glass with desperation haha :smoke:

    always matches, hemp line..... or a glass rod...
  10. Bic, Torch, Beeline when I wanna fell like a hippy and I'm about to buy an herb iron.
  11. DJEEP lighter.
  12. just a regular lighter

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