What do you use for drip trays?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by pinkpipe, May 22, 2010.

  1. For all of you indoor growers, what do you use for drip trays under your pots? Clear plastic trays? Greenhouse trays? Something homemade?
  2. Waterproof tarp. Wallyworld, about 5 bucks. ;)
  3. my friends wife is a surgical nurse. she brings me the tarps they put under you when they operate. they work great. no there not used:eek:
  4. I dont do soil indoor with the mj, but I have a buddy who has a cool setup.

    He has his pots inside of another pot taht doesnt have holes and they are up on bricks a few inches so all of the secondary containment buckets are connect to one res where he collects the run off. He used to just run the tubing out doors but then I taught him how useful that run off is for the legal plants.
  5. i use smart pots and let those fuckers drip on the floor. i just move the pots around after they get watered and it drys up so no insects or pests will use it. If i need to test the runoff i put them on a cage over a large rubbermaid and flush them out.
  6. I use the trays from humidity domes. They cost like a dollar or 2. Go to a hydro shop or a green house.

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