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  1. This dank shit has me pondering the ways of the world, universe, etc. Tell me what you think. Sent from my HTC One using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. [SUB]How could we have 'evolved' from apes.  It just doesn't make sense, we 'lose' all our fur to only kill animals, and wear their fur to stay warm :s :smoke: [/SUB]
  3. I'd like to watch a supernova from birth to death.I'd also like to visit outer space one day.I believe that homo sapiens are hybrids between the apes and an alien species.Abduction stories are actually aliens revisiting the human race to modify our genes (very slightly) once more.Most likely, changes to stimulate brain growth or healthier immune systems to win the war against bacteria and viruses.~1996 Jiggawattz~
  4. 99% monkey/ape dna
    1% creativity and imagination

    99% empty space in atoms
    1% fluctuations
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    That the ongoing universe is a by product of the natural energy that created our solar system, earth, life. We are the centre of the universe and will only know as much as nature permits. Just like every other animal. 
  6. Except we have the ability to wonder why.
    What exist beyond what we can see in distant space will always expand the further we look. Same principal as "tommorow never comes" 
    If the two points ever meet full circle eg Time finds time - our reality will cease to exist. 
    PS: Im full of shit:)

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