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What do you think?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tree Of Life, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. I'm not getting as stoned as I'd like so I decided to take a break. So the question is:

    Take a 5 day t-break or only smoke once a day? I think once a day would still lower my tolerance considerably because I smoke 5+ times every day.
  2. Drop it completely for a while rather than the once a day thing. I tried that and the only difference was I went from smoking 3g a day to 3g in one session, once a day..
  3. T-break is only worth doing if you do it the right way. The right way is not smoking at all. 5 days will help a little bit, but the longer the better. Ideally, you'd want to go 30+ days for best results.
  4. I took a 3 week t-break when I went on my holiday to dubai and when I got back and blazed it was amazing :)
  5. Smoking once a day vs. smoking 5 times a day makes no difference whatsoever.

    You know how you always get more blazed on your first smoke of the day? Yea that's what you get on your once a day smoke. 24 hours is not enough time to clean your system.

    A 5 day t-break is also pretty pointless, you'll get really blazed your first smoke then immediately go back to what you were at before.

    I'd recommend a minimum of 2 weeks, a month would be better. After that you can expect at least like 5 days to a week of decent highs (unless you go right back to smoking 5+ times a day in which case like 2 or 3 days maybe?).

    Once you've acquired a tolerance a single time it tends to come back VERY quickly no matter how long you quit.
  6. your best coming up with a routine that keeps your tolerance low and unfortunatly smoking even once everyday builds up a tolerance and fast after you come off your break, i find 3 days on once per day and 4 days off and doing this routine and sticking to it every week even with a high tolerance after 4 days off it say mon tues weds and thurs then smoking say fri sat sun night you`ll get very high again all 3 nights but you will need the 4 days off again before you smoke to keep this level or else you`ll never enjoy the good highs
  7. Stop for a month and you'll get so high after you smoke that bomb digity. Don't get too high though ;) But yeah 5 days is not enough for a tolerance break.

  8. Dude...... I like this idea! Gotta try that
  9. Went 6 months then smoked so much I greened out
  10. once you do it once you may cheat again some weeks but honestly the difference in your highs come fri sat sun nights is great and at least you still get to smoke every week and have no need to take one of those longer 1 month plus breaks that seem extreme to me unless your actualy wanting time away from the weed as opposed to reducing tolerance as this way seems brutal when my way works a treat.

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