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  1. The world is in a economical crisis the prices are goin up have you realized this we may lose power and are 88 billion dollars in debt because of war. And Obama is trying to change that.
  2. 88 billion....
    I wish.
  3. First off, it's a lot more then 88 billion dollars. Second, the stimulus package is a bunch of crap. It's like trying to pay off one credit card with another credit card. Sure you don't owe that company any more money, but you still owe the same amount to another one now, and your back in the same position. Circulating money isn't going to get us out of this hole we dug ourselves into.

    We need to bring more money into the country and stop sending so much out. We need to make jobs that can export goods. There are plenty of things we can export, or at the very least stop importing. There are plenty of oil wells in the U.S. that we could tap to greatly reduce the price of oil, while also creating jobs building the equipment, running the equipment, running the facilities to process and ship the product, and also reducing the taxes we have to pay to other countries to obtain it. We could also export more crops. There is so much barren land that could be processed and used for growing crops (or other things ;p) that we could export to other countries. This too would create many jobs growing, harvesting, processing, etc. Kinda makes you wonder how the people in our government got to the places they are thinking the way they do.
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    Hey America!


    You're fucked.

    88 billion? Dude, I appreciate you trying to inform people of the goings on in the world but if you have no idea what you are talking about then sometimes it's best to just sit quietly and watch from the sidelines.

    Also what is this "we may lose power in may" thing all about?

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